FQotD: How Many Liquor Stores Does One Neighborhood Need?

by Prince Of Petworth March 17, 2011 at 10:22 pm 140 Comments

A couple days ago a received an email titled, “Alcohol Saturation in Bloomingdale”. It linked to some really cool maps by a Bloomingdale resident “stereojam”.

Below is one he put together of Class A + B stores (A sells wine, beer and spirits while B sells wine and beer).

You can see more detailed maps here.

So for today’s Friday Question of the Day – at what point does a neighborhood have too many liquor stores? Now I’m wondering if there is a historical component here – as many liquor stores also function as corner stores/bodegas. I assume they proliferated for convenience and perhaps a lack of access to proper grocery stores? But in 2011 given the state of our neighborhood’s access to grocery stores and the existing corner stores – at what point are there too many liquor stores? Should there be moratorium? Or should capitalism work this problem out?

I know in Petworth we have a lot as well but to be honest it doesn’t feel like we have too many. I mostly class B that only sells wine and beer and to be honest, I rather like the convenience of where they are located. But as I look at Stereojam’s maps again vis a vis Bloomingdale – I can’t help but think that perhaps the saturation point has been reached.

What about your neighborhoods? Do you think your neighborhood has too many liquor stores? Do too many liquor stores affect your quality of life?

Ed. Note: On a future Friday I will make a part 2 out of this question and substitute bars for liquor stores.


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