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Dear PoP – Terra Cotta Shingle Roof Repairs

by Prince Of Petworth February 8, 2011 at 2:30 pm 7 Comments

“Dear PoP,

We live in a Petworth row house that has traditional “terra cotta”-style shingles on the front-facing roof section. Last year, we found a squirrel had made a hole (and subsequent nest) in the wood underneath that those shingles, and we’ve since developed a slow but steady leak in the roof. It’s worth noting that our main roof was re-surfaced less than five years ago, and therefore I believe the source of the leak is the front-facing section.

I’d rather not hire an expensive professional to do what could be a simple job (removing the shingles, repairing the wood, sealing the outer surface, replacing the shingles)…but this is all new territory for me. I am wondering:

1. Has anyone out there ever attempted to fix a problem like this? What was the process?
2. Does anyone know where you can buy replacement terra cotta shingles for typical DC row houses? (I haven’t seen them at HD)
3. If this requires a pro…does anyone have a reliable reference for low-cost roof repair?”

These are my favorite roofs! Anyone have experience fixing them?


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