Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user jacquesofalltrades

Last night I got an email from a reader with a link to the Black Squirrel’s Web site which had a post about Stephen Colbert, Chandra Levy, Crime, and Immigration. Whether or not you agree with the sentiment of the post it certainly did seem to be an odd topic for a restaurant/bar to discuss on their Web site.

Other posts discussed their thoughts on DC Public schools and more recently posts about sports figures.

I haven’t read through all the posts but the original email writer was quite offended by the message in the (illegal) immigration/crime post.

So I’m curious what you guys think – is it wise for a restaurant/bar to discuss political matters and/or non restaurant related news on their Web site?

I can think of Busboys & Poets that also occasionally discusses non restaurant related news on their blog (and frequently host events). Are there other restaurants/bars that you can think of which talk about non restaurant/bar news on their Web sites?


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