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I have a one-year-old child. It is winter. What do I do with him?

by Eric Nuzum January 7, 2011 at 2:00 pm 61 Comments


Okay, alright. Busted. So I am using this post as an opportunity to share a picture of my adorable son. (And with such a charming, handsome father, it should be no surprise how adorable he is.) I am the Lord of Petworth…I can do this if I want to.

So I need some help from my fellow procreators out there.

Having a little kid in the summer is easy. Parks. Zoo. Fort Reno. Outdoor festivals. There is lots of stuff to do.

So now we are facing our first winter with an active child. So…what are we supposed to do with him? He isn’t old enough to get much out of museums and it seems like everywhere we go–I see tons of coughing children and all I can think about is germs.

Help me parents. What are some good activities for young children during the cold months?


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