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Sorry to hear about this disturbing news. From the MPD listserv:

A resident wrote, “I didn’t see a mention of my vandalized car and that it was a targeted hate crime. I think our community should know about this and be vigilant, especially in the area of the intersection of Trinidad Ave. and Morse St. NE. Thanks to the officers who responded so promptly to my call last Friday morning.”

MPD Chief Groomes responded:

“thank you for asking about your crime… for on January 21st , the 5th District and GLU unit came out to your block and did take a destruction of property report for the damage to your car and also classified it as a Bias motivated destruction of property due to the words spray painted on your car…… the GLU unit will be conducting the follow up along with the 5d detectives office. We ask that if anyone has information on this crime to contact us 1888 919-CRIME or at GLUU”


“regarding this offense our victim who recently moved to the Trinidad area came outside to find his car spraypainted with the word, “fag” … thus he contacted us to report such ..however we have done a door to door canvass and it has not lead to any leads/tips to this act… there has been no other acts of this nature in this area.”


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