Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user philliefan99

“Dear PoP,

My landlord called me last Sunday to tell me he’s selling the rowhouse where I rent the basement (he and his wife live upstairs). I’m currently month-to-month on my lease (which ends in September) and want to know what my rights as a renter are? from what I understand, they’re supposed to offer me the house first before putting it on the market, but they haven’t done that and their having an open house this weekend. This has all come as a big surprise and I’m not too happy about it. Any tips or advice on how I handle myself intelligently and make sure I’m taken care of in case of a sale?”

Hmm, I do think if you live in the house (even the basement apartment) then you should be offered first crack at the house. I don’t think there are price restrictions to what they can I ask. I just think you get first choice. Anyone know if that’s true?

But even if it is true and you are unable to purchase the home, as a renter, if you are given notice (30 days or whatever your lease says?) then I’m afraid you just might be out of luck. I suspect this is a fairly common occurrence, I feel like I’ve heard this happening to friends, unfortunately I think you may need to start looking for a new place.

Any know the proper rules/laws and etiquette in a situation like this?


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