Do DC Bus Drivers Have a Deserved Bad Reputation?

Photo by PoPville flickr user dcienne

From Monday’s random reader rant and/or revel post:

“I’m fairly new to town, do DC bus drivers have a reputation of being nasty or is it just me? I’ve not had a pleasant experience with a single one. Including a recent ride where I was unsure of specifics and entirely ignored by the driver after asking him some four times if I was going in the correct direction. Even my pleas for a simple nod went unnoticed. I might add that it was way too early in the evening and me way to sober and polite to have been misconstrued as some prank by a drunk ass****, nor was the bus at all crowded.

I’ve spent the better part of my life between New York and New Orleans and have never dealt with such s***-bag transit workers. Well, except on Boston regional rail… Different story though.

Do all DC bus drivers hate the world?”

I’m more of a metro, bike, walker. So, for the regular bus riders – what have your bus riding experiences been like? I imagine that bus drivers probably have to deal with particularly stressful/difficult situations often. Do you think bus drivers get a bad rap?

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