Friday Question of the Day – What are the Best Additions to the DC Scene in the last Three Years?

Photo of ‘Coffee and ipads instead of coffee and newspapers’ by PoPville flickr user ekelly80

“Dear PoP,

I was wondering if you could do a bit for out of towners (rather selfishly, I admit). I’m moving back to DC after almost three years New York City, and I’m a bit down in the dumps about it to tell you the truth. I would really like to know what there is to do in DC now? Movies? Culture? Great food? Music?”

First and foremost DC has seen tremendous changes in the last three years. But let me take an aside first and offer some unsolicited advice about coming to DC from NYC. I’m originally from New York and when I first visited DC I hated it. It wasn’t until I stopped comparing everything about DC to NYC that I started to really enjoy it and then I quickly fell in love with DC’s distinct neighborhoods. NYC is a very unique place and there is no place else like it period. Having said that DC is an amazing place in its own right and every year I’ve been here it keeps getting (mostly) better. But that’s just me, so, back on point. What’s the best change we’ve seen in DC over the last 3 years?

Well, the restaurant scene has exploded all over the city. It seems like every single week a new restaurant is opening or planning on opening. I had the opportunity to try Estadio (14th and Church St, NW) for the first time and while the food was great, I was blown away by the slushito (alcohol slushies). Truly amazing. And if you really get homesick for NY – we’re even getting a Shake Shack soon! And we already have a Carmine’s. And we have a ton of food trucks now. The amount of change in the restaurant scene all over the city is astounding.

As for music – we still have the great 9:30 club which was great 3 years ago (same goes for the Black Cat) but Rock and Roll Hotel on H St, NE has really come into its own. And in Columbia Heights you can catch some really interesting acts at Bloombars.

Additionally the bar scene has exploded across the city especially on H St, NE. We now have a proper German Beer Garden and another one is on its way to Near SE/South Barracks Row. We also have a phenomenal restaurant and bar in Logan Circle called Church Key and Birch & Barley. Up in Columbia Heights we have bar with table taps! And nearby you can get some great Pho.

As for the movie scene – I’d say it remains basically the same as it was 3 years ago. E St. Cinema remains the best for eclectic/indie films. However there are lots of film festivals that seem to pop up every other month.

In addition to having a new baseball stadium – we’ve also have new parks and basically a whole new neighborhood.

As for culture – well DC has one of the greatest museum scenes in the world. You can see some of our favorites here. And here’s a number of general must do activities in DC. Here are some great romantic spots around town. Bottom line is – there are tons of amazing things to do in DC, all you have to do is look and the good news is that there are a lot more places to look now.

So for the FQotD – what has been the greatest change/addition to the DC food/cultural/music/movie scene in the last three years?

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