Anyone Hear A Child Yelling for Help in Columbia Heights Last Night?

by Prince Of Petworth December 23, 2010 at 11:00 am 31 Comments

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“Dear PoP,

I live on Euclid b/t 14th & 15th, and I was awakened from a dead sleep last night at 11:06pm by a child running down the street screaming for help. This was not a kid messing around, this was full-on panicked screaming, “Help, help, somebody help me please!” And this sounded like a young child, like somewhere between 8-12 years old. I ran down the stairs, and was about to go outside in my bare feet, but my husband grabbed his shoes and said he’d go check it out. We are 3 flights up, and by the time he made it down to the street, the child was nowhere to be seen and he couldn’t hear the screaming anymore.

There’s usually a fair amount of traffic (foot and car) on our street at this time of night, so I’m hoping someone was able to help this kid. I kept waiting to hear sirens, like those following the shooting on the 19th on Fuller Street, but never heard a thing. I’m just wondering if anyone else has reported hearing this or if anyone in the neighborhood heard/saw anything? I’m not sure where else to look to find out what happened, I’ve been checking for police reports, but my imagination is killing me with scenarios of what happened…”

Do any neighbors happen to know what happened? I’ll see if MPD received any reports.


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