Washington, DC

From the Washington Post:

Assistant Chief Diane Groomes “has been restored to duty and returned to her position as the official in charge of the Patrol Services and Security Bureau,” Lanier said in an e-mail.

Lanier had placed Groomes, 44, on administrative leave last month, issuing a statement to the media that said Groomes was allegedly involved in “compromising” a test administered to her fellow command staff.

Lanier said her decision came after an internal investigation concluded that Groomes did not “compromise” the test. Rather, the internal probe found that the exam was an open-book test. “No official obtained or shared the answer key,” Lanier said.

Personally, I’m very happy to hear Chief Groomes is back on the job.

I guess we never really talked about it – are you glad to hear that Chief Lanier (and Groomes) will be staying on in the new Gray Administration?


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