• MJ

    And please be sure to NOT vote for Reilly Smith, who is a radical religious fundamentalist. She has an add with the most horrific, sick pictures of mutilated fetuses.

  • TG

    No problem MJ. Definitely voting for the Queen. Wondering how she could figure out how to get on the ballot yet misspell the name of the secretary of HHS so badly. I need to know more. Vote for the Queen.

  • mv

    I was just going through the DCBOEE election stuff and I saw that… Terrifying that someone can get on the ballot with that.

    Silly question… We have a U.S. Representative? Page 32 of the PDF: http://www.dcboee.org/popup.asp?url=/pdf_files/nr_597.pdf

    What’s the difference between that and the Delegate to the U.S. House position?

  • AdMo
    • TG

      I had no idea Eleanor Holmes Norton had been in office for 60-70 years.

    • gardyloo

      I thought Queen Noble did pretty well on her clip. She hit her talking points, used her AV aids (only a clipboard, but whatever) and paused expertly in her delivery when a Metrobus roared past. And she does make a point about Delegate Norton’s results-to-tenure ratio.

      But she’s no Vermin Supreme. He had a platform. It consisted of nothing save dental hygiene, but it was a platform.

  • Anonymous

    Pure hearsay, but a few years ago, a buddy of mine who voted Republican told me that the only R candidate for his city council race listed as his “qualification” for the office the fact that he recently had completed something like 18 months of living independently.


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