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The 5pm Post – Support City Gate

by Prince Of Petworth November 17, 2010 at 5:00 pm 6 Comments

Photo courtesy of City Gate

“Dear PoP,

Caught in red tape, a local nonprofit is in financial trouble through no fault of its own. What’s at stake? A safe place to go after school for some of D.C.’s neediest children.

City Gate, a nonprofit, faith-based organization, recently celebrated its 10th anniversary of bringing aid to some of the District’s neediest citizens. But what they’re not celebrating is that they’ve never been paid for the day camp they ran this summer that gave Ward 8 kids a safe place to go during summer vacation. They’d been promised a $60,000 grant from city money, but now they’re being told that the grant won’t come through due to a bureaucratic issue that doesn’t involve City Gate.

Now they’re struggling to pay staff salaries, and may have to cut their programs for children in Ward 7 and 8. Read more at Change.org. You can sign a petition to Marion Barry and Vince Gray, asking them to take care of this issue.”

  • Le poo

    Religious based? Is it a tea party school? If so, f*ck ’em. You get enough money from your stupid believers. Don’t ask me to support your efforts at fattening you bottom line and converting people to….. DonatoRs. I will not only NOT contribute squat, but will petition against this crap. Trust me…. U wanna make a donation, they’ll definitely be touching your junk. I hope they fail, so a decent scientific student that can barely compete with india oR china, oR bRazil, can be taught real skills, as opposed to trying to convert people. Sooooooo lame. Would you give money to those freaks that leave bible in hotels to teach the uneducated from the lowe4 classes? Don’t we have taxes for that?

    Yeah, yeah. “but the church does so much!”

    Whatevs… Go faith base yourself in a public bath4oom, freaks.

    • IHOP

      Wow Lee poo, I bet you are a bundle of fun at the office Christmas party.

    • I like your style.

  • Le poo

    Sorry iF I offended any believers in the old man in the clouds….

    Maybe my tirade will get you religious fanatics to donate your hard earned money to an organization that only cares about your money and it’s future revenue.

    God I hope some of u people are smart enough not to toss youR money to rEligious freaks…

  • Angry Parakeet

    I read their website and wouldn’t be so hard on them! But I would advocate for NON-religion based programs for these children rather than a religious group (with their tax-exempt status) which in this city is underscrutinized.

  • Anonymous

    Wasn’t MLK Sr a baptist minister?

    Wasn’t MLK Jr a baptist minister?

    My grandfather was a baptist minister and actually built a church in DC in the 30s. Knowing MLK Sr while living in Atlanta, his wife marched with MLK. He opted not to. (while it should not matter, I’ll say they were white people). Interesting he felt pressure not to march and failed to rise to the occasion (and here we are still battling racism). Anyway, I digress.

    Now while I never was able to quite buy into the Lord concept or God (as depicted in the bible) and the scriptures, somehow I saw that their paradigm led them to lead pleasantly happy lives in a way I can’t conceive and to be able to touch quite a number of people in positive ways over the years.

    Given how bad our depraved-youth-situation has gotton,


    and Marion Barry’s push to limit welfare payouts (waz’up Mr. Mayor? some real concern about the cyclical dependency train, because if so, let’s get on it), maybe this is the time to throw some additional private support toward good workers and institutions like these (giving them space to follow their beliefs) and challenge the city to match it with the money they actually owe. I would suspect the kids and families would like to see the love and support from their larger “one city” community and beyond.


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