Washington, DC

Photo courtesy of City Gate

“Dear PoP,

Caught in red tape, a local nonprofit is in financial trouble through no fault of its own. What’s at stake? A safe place to go after school for some of D.C.’s neediest children.

City Gate, a nonprofit, faith-based organization, recently celebrated its 10th anniversary of bringing aid to some of the District’s neediest citizens. But what they’re not celebrating is that they’ve never been paid for the day camp they ran this summer that gave Ward 8 kids a safe place to go during summer vacation. They’d been promised a $60,000 grant from city money, but now they’re being told that the grant won’t come through due to a bureaucratic issue that doesn’t involve City Gate.

Now they’re struggling to pay staff salaries, and may have to cut their programs for children in Ward 7 and 8. Read more at Change.org. You can sign a petition to Marion Barry and Vince Gray, asking them to take care of this issue.”


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