Washington, DC

While they’re still waiting on some permits, this looks like it’ll be pretty sweet. From their Web site, Sundevich will:

“A non-traditional space lends itself to a non-traditional sandwich shop. Most sandwich shops in the city have a flavor profile that carries through their entire product line. Whether it be Italian, Jewish, or Middle Eastern influenced, many menu items taste similar to one another which can get a little boring. At SUNdeVICH we wanted to address this fact by using the world as our flavor guide and our immediate backyard for our ingredients. SUNdeVICH offers a wide range of flavors, textures and combinations that may seem familiar but have a distinct twist.

The objective is to provide a wide range of bold flavors by using fresh and local ingredients. Ideally people can eat at SUNdeVICH multiple times a week; and have a completely different dining experience each time.”

You can see their menu here:

SUNdeVICH menu

I’ll be sure to update when they get closer to opening. This is the space located in the alley behind the Cre8 studio on 9th St, NW.


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