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SUNdeVICH, Sub shop, Coming to 1314 9th St, NW (Rear)

by Prince Of Petworth November 15, 2010 at 11:00 am 15 Comments

While they’re still waiting on some permits, this looks like it’ll be pretty sweet. From their Web site, Sundevich will:

“A non-traditional space lends itself to a non-traditional sandwich shop. Most sandwich shops in the city have a flavor profile that carries through their entire product line. Whether it be Italian, Jewish, or Middle Eastern influenced, many menu items taste similar to one another which can get a little boring. At SUNdeVICH we wanted to address this fact by using the world as our flavor guide and our immediate backyard for our ingredients. SUNdeVICH offers a wide range of flavors, textures and combinations that may seem familiar but have a distinct twist.

The objective is to provide a wide range of bold flavors by using fresh and local ingredients. Ideally people can eat at SUNdeVICH multiple times a week; and have a completely different dining experience each time.”

You can see their menu here:

SUNdeVICH menu

I’ll be sure to update when they get closer to opening. This is the space located in the alley behind the Cre8 studio on 9th St, NW.

  • That’s a NICE menu with a lot of unusual choices. I hope they can pull them off.

  • fl

    So it this actually in the alleyway? It doesn’t face 9th st at all? Still looks awesome.

  • this is awesome news….

  • Intriguing menu. Why can’t interesting places like this open in SW Federal Ghetto, with thousands of office workers needing lunch and plenty of vacant storefronts — right on the street? At least we now get occasional visits by food trucks.

    • Anonymous

      i would guess that rents are too high.

      • Adam

        Too DAMN high

  • This is the same guy who does Seasonal Pantry – the ice cream/sausage club. If the quality of the food I’ve got from him is any indication – it will be great.

    • Emily

      Agreed! I’m a member of the sausage club, the maple & bay leaf literally took my breath away.

  • Sully

    This looks delicious. Let’s hope he is open early So i can pick up lunch on my way to work.

  • anonymous

    oh, yum! Shaw keeps getting better and better. :)

  • The King of Pesto

    I assume they are planning a sandwich factory for retail sale elsewhere, because I cannot imagine that walk-in business will be substantial at this location.

  • Q-Street

    Wow, that menu looks awesome.

  • Tania

    I can attest this is super coolness… I subscribed to the seasonal pantry ice cream and sausage clubs, and the food was excellent.

  • Jimson Fanse

    Now you can buy crack and a sub in the alley!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait– This looks great! I live right down the straight and have been so dismayed by DCs lack of good sandwich places.


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