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Reader Update on New Bar, Blue Banana, Coming Next to Looking Glass Lounge

by Prince Of Petworth November 4, 2010 at 10:00 am 33 Comments

“Dear PoP,

yesterday while walking home I had a nice chat with the guy doing the build out on a new bar/lounge going in next to Looking Glass. It will be called the Blue Banana. They were building two seating areas in the front and rear with banquettes and tables. The middle section will have the bar on the right side and tables on the left. They made a slight grade to the floor at the entrance rather than putting in a step to maintain wheelchair accessibility.

It’s too early to see what the finishes will look like, but he said it will be very modern/contemporary. They wanted to be open by now but permits, etc…. They hope to open the week before Thanksgiving. If everyone there is as nice and straightforward as the guy I talked to was, this is going to be a great place.”

Blue Banana is a sports bar coming to 3632 Georgia Ave, NW. We last spoke about the project here and you can find more background info here.

I noticed that the construction was progressing nicely. Stay tuned for updates as they come closer to opening.

  • KR

    Ha, this is the bar in Pretty Woman. I wonder if Julia Roberts and Laura San Giacomo will be around for the opening.

  • Worst.Bar.Name.Ever.

  • Nate

    Seriously, do they realize what a poor choice for a name this is? I mean, I think it will do fine and I’m excited for a good spot to watch games, but they are NOT helping themselves.

  • Nikki

    Gay bar?

    • PG

      No, that would be “Blew Banana.”

  • eh, they can call the place Nazi Ocelot Pee if they want, and if it’s a good place, I’ll be a steady customer. Welcome banana, and best of luck.

    • x

      exactly. happy to have a new place in the neighborhood!

      also, the name is growing on me… does that sound bad?

    • Kev29

      Quick, there’s still time to name it Nazi Ocelot Pee! Listen to reason!

    • TaylorStreetMan

      I suppose I have to agree, since The Angry Inch seemed to stick around forever. Didn’t seem like there was anything special about it at all. Run of the mill (sub par, really) sports bar. but there it stood despite that horrific name!

  • Lt. Harris

    There was a party at the Blue Banana Bar wasn’t there?

    What went on?

    Dancing sir, mostly dancing.

    • Kev29


  • caballero

    I just want an alternative to the Looking Glass. It has been disappointing lately. I took three out-of-towners there on Friday night, and service was awful. The place was only half-full, but it took us 10-15 minutes to order. Then, we discovered that they had no red house wine, and they were out of the two tap beers we wanted. I hope a bar next door makes them step up their game.

    • anon

      I realize that you can’t live in the past, but I really miss Temp Hall. The service was good (especially with Dan behind the bar) as was the food. This all changed when it became Looking Glass. Luckily, we now have plenty of other options that are proving to be great.

      • new hampy

        +1 – Looking Glass sux lemons big time. i’m done giving it 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chances. service is beyond awful and the food tastes like cardboard.

  • PG

    There are worse bar names than this one.


    • 11th

      similar one in ulaanbaatar.

  • Anonymous

    Do we really need two gay sports bars around here, and no normal ones?

    • Anonymous

      Some competition for Nellie’s can only be good. Gay people love sports too, and Georgia Avenue is the perfect location for another gay sports bar, in my humble opinion.

      • Anonymous

        The question isn’t whether gay people love sports too, it’s whether every sports bars in the area should be drawing dividing lines and marketing itself exclusively to gay clientele. I’m sure a lot of gay people wouldn’t mind frequenting a sports bar in this location that provided a typical sports bar experience, rather than a place called the blue banana.

        • saf

          Huh, I don’t think Nellies markets itself “exclusively” to gay people.

    • Bloomingdale

      ’cause, you know, gays aren’t “normal”…

      • anon

        Perez Hilton is ‘just one of the guys’?

    • A

      Meridian Pt is a non-gay sports bar. And you can go to the gay bars even if you’re straight.

      • Anonymous

        don’t they have like 3 TVs in the entire place? That does NOT qualify oneself as a sports bar.

        • Anonymous

          8 TVS. Huge sports crowds.

    • saf

      “Normal” is a bad word to use there. There’s nothing abnormal about a gay sports bar.

      • Anonymous

        Given how popular Nellie’s is, the demand for gay sports bars is obviously there.

        — gay woman who doesn’t like sports

      • anon 12:10

        would you have preferred “typical?” A gay sports bar is certainly atypical.

    • It was a question – “gay bar?”, I believe this isn’t a gay sports bar. To my knowledge, the owner of Blargard in Adams Morgan is opening this place. Someone ASKED if it’s a gay bar, I believe it’s not. In other words it’s not for normal people, it’s for straight people oh clueless one (anon 12:10)

      • anon 12:10

        it’s name is the blue banana. if it’s not a gay bar, the owner really missed the mark in naming it. that would be like opening a restaurant called moe’s rib shack, that didn’t serve ribs.

  • Far Side School for the Gifted

    Speaking of doors and accessibility, is the inward opening door at Looking Glass compliant with fire code? I thought doors had to open outward to ease exiting during an emergency…

  • Speaking of Meridian Pint, I am a big fan, but I’d go more often if the T.V. alignment downstairs was a bit better. They are too small, and very strangely placed, hard to be seated with a good view of any TV, let alone several. But the food and most definitely the beer are way better than other sports bars; if they can fix that one flaw, perfect!

  • S.A.M.

    This blog has interior pics: parkviewdc.wordpress.com/2010/11/04/green-room-nearing-completion/

    Any word yet on beer offerings or menu? I hope it’s a little more descriptive than just “Contemporary American Fare…”


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