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Old Vegetate Space Becomes Cafe Eagle at 1414 9th St, NW

by Prince Of Petworth November 8, 2010 at 10:10 pm 28 Comments

Ever since Vegetate closed up back in Nov. ’09 I’ve been keeping a close eye on this space. Ed. Note: Still no word if/where Vegetate will reopen. Anyway, this past weekend I saw some people sitting inside and I knocked on the door.

I chatted with a few of the proprietors who were super kind and quite enthusiastic. They are def. open for business but I’d call it more of a soft opening. The menu is still being developed and refined (I’ll show the current menu after the jump) and they hope to have a liquor license in early Dec. Additionally a new sign will go up outside when the proper permits are in order.

I have to be honest, I never went to Vegetate so I’m not sure how much the space has changed. It is two floors with more seating and a bar area upstairs. (After the jump I’ll also show some more photos of the interior.) So, Cafe Eagle will be an Italian/Eritrean restaurant. At the moment the menu is nearly all Italian with one Eritrean option. Though as I mentioned, the menu is still being developed and refined. Do you think an Italian/Eritrean restaurant will do well at this location?


More photos including the menu after the jump.


Upstairs bar area

  • Anon

    Can you please call me the minute Vegetate decides what they are doing? Their non-existence in my life is killing me.

    • Julia


  • So will the churchies protest this liquor license as well?

    • VeggieTart

      Probably. A restaurant brings the property values up.

  • verboten

    It looks exactly the same inside as it did when Vegetate was there.

    If Vegetate had prices like this place they’d probably still be in business.

  • ontarioroader

    They better be open minded, because you know someone will mistake this for DC Eagle

    • In Exile

      Actually the old DC Eagle on 7th st had a restaurant on the 2nd floor. Leather brunch….mmm…

  • Sully

    Yuck! Did someone just go through the Chef Boyardee and Hamburger Helper aisle and pick out a menu? Paper sauce. Huh?

  • Eric in Ledroit

    at least there is finally an eritrean place to break up the monotony of vegetarian restaurant after vegetarian restaurant in Shaw.

    • Lauren McK

      +1. I miss Vegetate.

    • Anonymous

      what restaurants are vegetarian in shaw?

      • =

        The imaginary ones in Eric’s humor gland.

        • Anonymous

          sorry. my excitement got the better of me.

      • VeggieTart

        That was a bit of sarcasm, I’m sure.

  • Steve

    Oh crap, it’s enjera! Run!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, that menu look awful. There is no way I would eat somewhere with that menu. But, if the owners are not gay, maybe they’ll be able to get a liquor license. Then, no one will buy the food, they’ll just drink and the Churchies will get exactly what they feared from Vegetate.

    Oh, sorry, was am I being cynical?

  • Scott in Shaw

    Finally, a place that serves pasto with chili paper!

  • M

    I’m excited about a new restaurant in the spot, but I sincerely hope that is just their soft opening menu, because there’s nothing there that would inspire me to try it.
    Any news on a great pizza place in the neighborhood? I’m so jealous that Columbia Heights has a lock on them

    • Kate

      Have you been to Rustik in Bloomingdale? They had some kinks at first but seem to be rapidly improving.

  • DCFast

    I’m underwhelmed.

  • Golden Silence

    Whoa, I’m late—didn’t know it was closed. I went here years ago and thought it was decent, but not a place to frequent regularly.

  • Elizabeth

    It looks to me like an Ethiopian or Eritrean menu that they just tried to translate directly. Maybe one of the helpful PoP commenters who knows this type of food (better than I) could offer to help rewrite the menu? Or suggest that they look for someone who can help rewrite the menu? The way it’s described does not sound appetizing at all, but when I think about what the dishes probably actually ARE, I’m much more interested.

  • Anonymous

    I live very close to here and also saw the folks inside and was wondering about this… I am excited there will be something new going in but cannot honestly say that the menu looks very appetizing.

    On Vegetate… As a vegetarian, I was excited to go there but the food was bland and just not that tasty.

  • Jay’O

    And Way too pricey. Unfortunately, it seems like the opposite problem here with a cheap menu and what seems like pretty uninteresting food (to say the least).


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