Washington, DC

Ever since Vegetate closed up back in Nov. ’09 I’ve been keeping a close eye on this space. Ed. Note: Still no word if/where Vegetate will reopen. Anyway, this past weekend I saw some people sitting inside and I knocked on the door.

I chatted with a few of the proprietors who were super kind and quite enthusiastic. They are def. open for business but I’d call it more of a soft opening. The menu is still being developed and refined (I’ll show the current menu after the jump) and they hope to have a liquor license in early Dec. Additionally a new sign will go up outside when the proper permits are in order.

I have to be honest, I never went to Vegetate so I’m not sure how much the space has changed. It is two floors with more seating and a bar area upstairs. (After the jump I’ll also show some more photos of the interior.) So, Cafe Eagle will be an Italian/Eritrean restaurant. At the moment the menu is nearly all Italian with one Eritrean option. Though as I mentioned, the menu is still being developed and refined. Do you think an Italian/Eritrean restaurant will do well at this location?


More photos including the menu after the jump.


Upstairs bar area


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