• Eric in Ledroit

    about damn time they started renovating it – it has been decaying since I moved to ledroit 7 years ago. will be one of the sweetest houses in the city when restored.

  • Linds

    From what I heard some time over the summer, they’ll be making condos/row houses that will attach this house to the ones on 3rd Street to its left, and the carriage house behind it will also be a condo. Not sure if the house itself will become condos.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a beautiful house, but seriously, either paint it or strip that nasty old stuff off. That look is for people who buy distressed furniture.

    • Anonymous

      I agree, and why doesn’t the owner paint that fence! Pella windows, but a rusting steel fence. It doesn’t make sense! :-(

  • LeDroit/Bloomingdale Resident

    I don’t believe any condos will be attached to this house, you might be confused with a house down the street, in which the plans were withdrawn.

    • Linds

      Which house down the street? I could have sworn this was the one, because of the planned layout I described.

  • jdm

    when I first moved around the corner from here, I was terrified of this place. I recall PoP spotting the truck of a paranormal investigation team parked out front of it in I think 2008, which seemed very appropriate given its appearance.

    it’s looking real good these days.

  • Stacy

    I’ve been wanting this house so bad for YEARS! NOT FAIR!

  • Eric

    I find it ironic that someone opposed to slavery, and who lead black men to war against it would live in whites-only Ledroit park.

    • Anonymous

      i believe it was integrated by the time he moved in, in 1901.

  • Hi there! Just wanted to mention that the house pictured above was part of a “Historic Scavenger Hunt” organized by the LeDroit Park Civic Association as part of its 2010 Community Day. The sign you saw was one of 7 scattered around the neighborhood, noting properties/landmarks of historic interest. Over 30 people participated in the hunt and were entered into a raffle for a chance to win prizes donated by the 9:30 Club, Timor Bodega, PositivEnergyWorks and Howard University.

    We hope to host another scavenger hunt soon!!

    Maria Fyodorova
    Vice President, LeDroit Park Civic Association

  • Knowing the story about the restoration on the left side of the giant duplex house, makes me laugh at the mis-information in some of the comments.

    • Linds

      Well then please enlighten us and correct the mis-information. jesus.

      • No.

        • Prince Of Petworth

          That’s not very cool at all.

          • I agree, not cool of me. I should have just used my “filter” and never posted at all.

        • Anonymous

          knowing what i know about you makes me laugh that you posted that.

  • andy

    fund the remodel through hosting an episode of ghost hunters.


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