• George

    There was one of a mouse holding a bottle pasted on the wall of Atlantic Plumbing Supply Company near 9:30 Club.


  • Katir

    He is the new mascot for DPW.

  • Anonymous

    That’s the meat cutter for the new restaurant going in there.

  • Screw social commentary. It’s very, very fun.

  • mappo

    Itchy and Stabby

  • It’s a warning…the rats are going to start fighting back!

  • Sully

    And you think bedbugs will be the doom of us.

  • Bitter Elitist

    they fight and fight and fight and fight and fight

  • Shyrynne

    Looks like just fun. And when you have a great place to eat, stuff like this is fun for atmosphere if handled appropriately. He could be a character that “shows up” every now and then, says and does crazy things, make you laugh, but just all in fun.


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