Help Find Lost Cat – Around 10th and S, St NW (UPDATE: Found!)

by Prince Of Petworth November 27, 2010 at 11:18 am 11 Comments

“Dear PoP,

Culpepper, my 6-year-old sable cat (about 9 lbs) went missing Friday afternoon around 10th and S St, NW in Shaw. He’s an indoor cat and has no outdoor expertise. He’s very friendly and my favorite companion.

My cat sitter, Donna Preskill, is reachable at
[email protected]

  • Jessica

    FYI: The cat has a microchip

  • Thought

    There are lots of websites offering advice on how to find missing pets. I would put some food outside your house with a familiar scented blanket. I assume you are out of town for Thanksgiving – your petsitter should spend every waking moment looking for him and not quit until he is found. Male cats tend to roam further than female cats. As the owner of 2 indoor cats, I really hope you find him soon.

  • Jarek

    Hey –
    we have seen a similar looking cat at our house 9th and Euclid St NW and e-mailed POP to see if he can post that we found one but have not heard back.
    It didn’t show up today but for past few days it has been coming by with our outdoor cat, so if it shows up, we can call you and have you come out and take a look at it to see if this is your cat.
    Will e-mail your sister with my number.

  • Katie

    Via our listserv, the owner reported the cat found.

  • Erin

    Culpepper returned home last night! Thanks to everyone for the help. He’s totally beaten up, but will recuperate over the next few weeks.

    • Anonymous

      whew. may he recoup quickly.
      and daaaaamn that’s one cue cat.

      • Anonymous

        uh.. “cute cat”.. not cue.

    • ET

      Is Culpepper a Burmese?

      He is a cutie!

  • Thought

    How was he found? How did he escape? I want to avoid the same mistake!

  • Anonymous

    Tough streets out there. I just broke up a nest of small rats, they all scrambled for cover, the neighborhood cats have been roaming all over their turf for a chance at one of the litter. Cats rock. What an experience for Culpepper!

  • JRoseC

    Thank goodness!! It always makes me happy when the lost cats are found!


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