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  • Darn I wish I was the one who found them…

  • Jaycee

    Me too! My son’s school is starting a community garden and is collecting seeds.

  • Hi Folks,

    Im not sure who left these on the stoop, but I can assure you that they got them from America the Beautiful Fund! If you would like seeds for your school, or any other civic gardening project (even to do a grow-a-row project or a habitat garden in you own yard) you can get them from us! In fact, we just received 18,000 pounds of seed packets last week.

    How do you get them?


    What do you do with them once you have them?


    Or feel free to give me a ring at 202-638-1649


  • Jaycee


    Thanks I just shared the info with the chair of our school Green Team! Thank so much for the info!


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