Dear PoP – Election misconduct at barnard elementary

by Prince Of Petworth November 2, 2010 at 10:42 am 40 Comments

“Dear PoP,

I wanted to point out that election misconduct was occurring at barnard elementary and I would imagine its happening across the district. I was handed the attached literature INSIDE the school. I contacted the board of elections and ethics at 202-727-2194. They were very appreciative and were going to take care of it immediately. I would encourage others who experience the distribution of campaign material too close to the voting location to report it as well.”

Anyone else encounter misconduct at other locations? For those who’ve voted – what’s the scene like?

  • Anonymous

    The election official at the primary changed my address to SE from NE and told me I had to vote at another location. They didn’t change my address when I addressed the issue then, and they tried to turn me away again today.

  • Anonymous

    I voted early last week and noted that there was a lot of picketing being done, WITHIN the rules, by all sides – great to see. I’m annoyed at something like this – there is really no reason for it.

  • Alex

    It’s laughable that the local Democratic party would even begin to think that this is a good idea…in a city where every single one of the races in the above picture is already a foregone conclusion. The paranoia and craziness in the local party is just baffling.
    (PS I’m a Democrat).

  • Anon

    Voting problems in DC

    My partner and I live within walking distance of St. Mona Baptist Church in Columbia Heights (Ward 1).
    We both went to vote this morning.
    We both had in our hand our election voting cards mailed to us by the DC Board of elections.
    I have been voting in DC in the past 3 elections. They found my name on the roster and I voted without a problem.
    This was the first year of voting for my partner. They could not locate his name on the roster and thus made him go back to the special ballot table.

    The worker spent a very long time trying to type his information into the computer — so long in fact we had to go.
    So they gave him a new registration form and told him to fill it out and bring it back at a later time.
    What’s the purpose of this when the Board of Election already got his registration form and mailed him a voting card?
    Why was his name not on the voting roster?

    In the end my partner never got the chance to vote.
    — Ken

    • anon.

      Don’t you mean Mount Rona Baptist Church?

    • Anonymous

      This has happened to me in the past 2 elections. They can’t get it right even though it gets fixed every time on the Special Ballot Computer.

    • EHS

      I registered for the first time in DC this past winter. I had to call and follow up twice to make sure everything was okay — the first time because I didn’t get my card despite getting a separate confirmation (via email) and the second because I was nervous about the whole mishap and wanted to follow up just to be sure.

      Both times I was told I wasn’t on the list despite my registration. The second time it seems to have stuck. I recommend going back and casting a provisional ballot, if nothing else (polls are open until 8pm!) and calling the DC board as a follow up today (though they are probably swamped) or in the next few days to make sure the issue gets cleared up.

  • luli

    How to I know whom to vote as ANC? Anyone has any leads? Any help would be appreciate it.

    • ess

      Greater Greater Washington did (mostly transit-focused) endorsements. The comment sections on those posts are pretty interesting, too. Depending on where you live, local blogs (Congress Heights on the Rise, Borderstan, the Hill is Home) have some info, and local newspapers like the Southwester or Hill Rag have stuff too.

    • saf

      What SMD are you in?

  • french streeter

    I voted this morning and turnout was light. There was an observer in my precinct. No shady action, the campaigners were friendly and stayed in their proper spots. Didn’t see any Fenty promoters, but did get an obnoxious robocall at 10PM last night.

  • Anonymous

    I vote at Cesar Chavez prep and I just came here to note that the young woman working there this morning was smoking hot! Such nice eye candy compared to the usual assortment of octoganerians in there.

    • Native American JD

      Please check out hollabackdc you misogynist. You might learn something.

      • Anonymous

        It’s misogynist to notice an attractive woman?

        • anon.

          Smoking hot and eye candy are derogatory.
          You are a pig.
          That statement is also derogatory.

      • Marcus Aurelius

        Actually, you should check out hollabackdc because clearly you have no idea what the organization stands for and is fighting against. According to the website,
        “Holla Back DC! is fighting street harassment in America’s capital by empowering Washingtonians to speak out against gender based public sexual harassment.”
        I’m not sure what world you are living in, but it’s a pretty sad one if noticing an attractive woman constitutes “public sexual harassment.”

        • El Gringo


      • Bryan

        I’m agreeing with the crowd on this one. Don’t be so sensitive.

      • Wow

        I’ve heard women (and men) say far worse in private. The issue isnt thinking or saying it anonymously or to friends – its saying it to the person in question.

      • KJ

        You’re just jealous that nobody ever comments on your appearance.

  • LJ

    If you observe misconduct, generally your best bet would be to speak with the judges since they can take action to correct it immediately (and they’re required to do so). Hopefully they were just unaware this was happening.

  • MJ

    I voted at Powell Elementary a 1/2 hour ago. No line, no wait, hardly anyone there. I had to do a special ballot for change of address, and even then I was in and out in less than 15 minutes.

  • RS

    They were handing out the same crap at my polling place at H.D. Cook Elementary School on 17th in Adams Morgan.

  • anon

    No one checked my ID. Is that normal?

    • Marcus Aurelius

      Unfortunately, yes. I’ve never understood why verifying that you are who you say you are is considered to be some sort of improper intrusion on the right to vote.

      • Anonymous

        Not everyone has an ID.

        • Bryan

          but there has to be SOME means of ensuring that people don’t go in and vote 4 times using names of dead people or people who they know won’t vote. Also, the BOEE sends you a copy of your voter reg card, which I’m pretty sure can be used as ID, even if you don’t have a driver’s license. (might be wrong about that though)

          • Anonymous

            But that doesn’t really happen. You have to sign your name, would have to know someone on the rolls who won’t vote, signature has to match.

            This voter fraud argument has been raised for decades and there never is any demonstrable proof that this type of fraud actually happens post registration. Now, registration fraud is a different story.

          • Ragged Dog

            It’s impossible to prove this type of votor fraud after the fact. Unless you check up front, it’s an easy fraud.

            And there have been plenty of instances of dead people who are on the registration rolls and plenty of dead people who continue to receive social security checks.

            Given the proximity to state borders, how many people maintain their registration in jurisdictions that they do not reside in?

      • LJ

        If you’ve voted before, you don’t need to show ID. If you’re a new registrant, you’ll have to have some form of ID, which could even be a utility bill or paycheck.

  • Maire

    What do you mean, signature has to match? my right arm is broken so i scrawled something resembling a 5-year old’s attempt when i voted today. What would it have to match?

  • anon

    I observed no problems at the Wilson School (660 K, NE) this year.

    But I’m always disgusted that absolutely no form of ID is required for voting, the system is so open to fraud it’s shameful.

  • Hoodrat

    I voted at Banneker this morning about 8:30. There was almost no one there. A couple of ANC campaigners, some Gray supporter, one Fenty write-in person, all respecting the legal boundaries.

  • Susan

    I moved to Columbia Heights in April of 2010. During the Primary when I went to vote I had to fill out a change of address and voted. I received my new voter registration card in the mail a few weeks later. Today when I went to vote, they had no record of my change of address (even though I had my new registration card). I had to fill out an other change of address card. The poll workers were very clueless could barely figure out the computers and there was no supervisor to help.

  • I voted at McFarland Middle School (switching from Clark Elementary) and there was NO ONE there, except election volunteers at 8am. Kinda sad, but I am hoping/assuming people voted early or will go later today. There was no funny business other than a homeless man outside the school on the sidewalk who told me to write-in Fenty, which I thought was a bit odd (and surprising).

  • Will

    I think I am going to vote Republican just because of this one incident.

    Play fair or I vote against you.

  • Ward2

    Voted this morning at Charles Sumner School.

    Vince Gray supporters were wearing buttons and hats inside the polling place. I confronted one and she said that no one had told her she couldn’t do it. WHAT?

    The “Official Observers” weren’t actually allowed to do anything about it; in fact, weren’t actually allowed to be anywhere except in the room where we checked in – you know not observing the vote.

    I have very little confidence that my vote won’t be disqualified for bringing this up, since one of the poll workers even asked me what the number count of the machine was after I voted – guess they know which one to throw out, huh?

    The thing is, almost none of this is verifiable, almost none of it is provable, and it almost certainly won’t matter anyway if the system allows sample ballots like the one above to be handed out…

    /end rant


  • anon

    I’m dying to see if anyone votes for Queen Noble for delegate to the U.S. House of Reps….

    Here’s her bio from the DC Voters Guide:

    I am here for my babies kidnapped by kat sabilous
    department of social services and the department of children and family services in Hollywood, ca. I am Queen GIVE ME BACK MY KIDS Noble, I have 994 trillion law suit active in the us supreme here in dc against this government currently aiding and abetting smith’s kidnapping of my kids in this stolen country. Prima Facie discovery Evidence is proof of target victimization for life and robbed of my family.

    • TG

      I am predicting the Queen breaks triple digits.

  • skeletor

    Guys, this is all perfectly legal. That’s the DC ballot EZ form.


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