PoP Preview: DC-3 Opening on Barracks Row Wed.

by Prince Of Petworth November 8, 2010 at 11:00 am 12 Comments

We spoke real briefly in the beginning of Oct. about DC-3 coming to 423 8th St. SE. When I was walking by last weekend they were kind enough to invite me in for a look and let me know that they’ll be opening up on Wed. Nov. 10th. Looks like they’re gonna win the battle with Chidogo, another hot dog place coming to U St, NW. DC-3 is from the guys behind Matchbox and has an airplane theme inside. They actually have an old DC-3 propeller blade on the wall:

The final touches were still being worked on when I stopped by but if the photos of the options are any indication – this place is going to be very successful:

Lots more photos, including inside and more hot dog options, after the jump.

  • jdm

    I have a general rule about places with picture menus…

    • Sorry, but SOME of us illiterate folks want to know what we’re getting into, even though the actual meal usually doesn’t resemble the picture in any way, shape, or form.

    • Kev29

      That they’re awesome?

    • Robb

      Fine, if you want to mock places like that, you don’t deserve to enjoy their food anyway. More for me!

  • why spend so much on the interior and leave the exterior that closed-up..?

    • ro

      Time and money. You know how many hoops they would have had to jump through to tear down or severely alter a facade on 8th st?

  • Chris in Eckington

    Wow, what a change from when it was the Firehouse Cafe!

  • InTheGaP

    Good looking dogs. I’m creeped out by the jumbo dog trend. Screws up the classical dog to bun to condiment ratio. That “NY Coney” pic looks perfect. Whassup with places that think a chili dog needs to morph into a massive platter with a butterflied dog, grilled, slathered with chili, and then eaten with a fork and knife, and a bib? Wait, this isn’t the rant section. Sorry. I’ll stop there.

  • Rukasu1

    Oh right, like the DC-3 could have flown IAD-GMP. Sir, your map is innacurate and unrealistic, I will not be eating any of your kimchi dogs.

    But I wonder what that Maine dog will be

  • Mango

    I love me some hot dogs, but I’d stay away from anything called the “Ripper.” Just sayin’.

    • It’s called a “ripper” because it’s deepfried; the hot oil causes the natural casing to split open or “rip.”

      It also causes a “ripping” sound to come out of your pants 20 minutes after being consumed.

  • carn

    Hopefully it is a authentic cherry red maine steamer dog served by an authentic toothless maine oxycontin junky .


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