Washington, DC

Cafe Nema and Momo’s Sports bar (located upstairs from Nema) are located at 1334 U St, NW. And let me say in advance that ever since they opened in late ’07 (and Cafe Nema opened many years before that) Momo’s Sports bar has been one of my favorites in the city. So I certainly hope that they are around for many more years.

Now some may, rather some morally and ethically superior beings will call me irresponsible for posting this scuttlebutt before getting triple confirmation and a glossy press release from a reputable PR firm (especially after nearby Creme Cafe fired its management team and their Web site was hacked and announced they were closing which turned out to be false), nevertheless I will go forward with my alleged irresponsible behavior because, because I’m a fracking blogger not Edward R. Murrow.

I actually did go down to Cafe Nema on Tues. afternoon and while I couldn’t get anyone to confirm, let’s just say there were curious meetings going on at the time of my visit. But the real reason I am willing to share this scuttlebutt is because I got this tip from multiple different readers. They all had a basic time frame but most recently one has said they will close next Tuesday. It is not clear if the restaurant and/or sports bar will close completely or will simply change ownership/management. All this seems to be up in the air. But something is definitely going on here.

A year ago, we learned that there were some tax problems with Cafe Nema but they quickly reopened.

More details if/when they become available.


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