• lady

    There is NO WAY this converse wearing, summer scarf sporting, white woman is going there. I might be mistaken for a yuppy, or worse, a hipster.

  • another?

    God, that name is wretched. I’m sure they will get a lot of business in that location, though. This city can’t seem to get enough fro-yo.

    • Triple true.

      • Anonymous

        Please don’t let this phrase catch on.

  • WHEN?!?!

    Soon is not that descriptive, love fro-yo! Very exciting.

  • GDopplerXT

    I am amazed that these places can stay in business, let alone multiply.

    Semi-serious question: How do frozen yogurt stores not go out of business in the winter? Do they sell other non-frozen snack and treats too?

    • another?

      It’s a bit better than the cupcakes places, at least. Frozen yogurt’s a bit more challenging to make at home.

  • Anon

    From well-stocked and very cool (if you are into these things) map store to fro-yo shop? That is several steps in many wrong directions 🙁

  • ro

    i used to love that map store. of course this was years before online maps and gps had really caught on. but it really was a great spot for maps, globes and travel guides.

    • Anonymous

      ha! yup. i bought a grand total of three maps there back in the olden days of paper and laminated paper maps.

  • 11th

    my heart broke, too, when the map store closed. they had great civil war battlefield guides and really detailed chesapeake bay maps.

    fro-yo makes sense there and will do well.

  • UStreet

    Oh goody, they’re opening just in time for winter!

  • VeggieTart

    Not another freaking frozen yogurt shop.

  • u street v

    Dear Powers That Be,
    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put a Fro-Zen-Yo on U Street! I dream about your delicious flavors and toppings bar.
    Thank you.

  • Anne Thomas

    Iam so sorry; I loved that store and had many happy visits there, including some with fellow maplovers. Yes,we can get all that info online now, but it was so enjoyable to actually see and handle the physical maps. Anyway, this is good for the yogurt fans.

  • Anonymous

    What a great symbol of dumb downed America, a store filled with items designed to increase knowledge replaced by a store designed to take as much money from you as it can by filling you up with processed, faux-healthy, actually unhealthy “food”. Such is the market.

    • Anonymous

      You make it sound like the fro-Yo people bought out the map store and shut it down.

      Dont get me wrong, I’ve always enjoyed maps, ever since I was a kid. But you can’t be mad at some frozen yogurt place, get mad at the Internet. Or yourselves for not buying enough maps maybe ha!

      • Anonymous

        No, I was just commenting/lamenting the nation’s culture, not really blaming the yogurt store. They’re a symptom of a larger disease.

        • JD32

          Maps stores are not exactly a place where one goes to enrich oneself. It may be sad that it has closed, but indicative of a “dumb downed (sic)” America? Please.

    • lil

      I agree with Anonymous 8:09. Now I’ll admit I only bought one item from the map store (mainly because I’m rarely in that part of town), but that’s more than I’d ever buy from the yogurt place.

  • Kev29

    My eyes instantly started bleeding when I saw the awful name for this store


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