Washington, DC

Just noticed that the U Street area got a new gallery. According to their Web site:

This new gallery located near the intersection with U Street will present a broad range of Contemporary art, with a theme-oriented exhibition program focused on sociologically as well as aesthetically relevant topics, emphasizing a concept-based rather than a monographic approach. Within the framework of a Washington/Baltimore metropolitan scene that has morphed within the past five years or so to include a wide variety of art-related phenomena, this commercial undertaking seeks to find a middle ground, incorporating aspects of both ends of that artistic spectrum.

Since this citys all-inclusive cultural setting now ranges from alternative spaces, temporary venues, public artworks, and events to the more traditional commercial galleries, independent curators and consultants, and increasingly independent curators and consultants, and increasingly contemporarily-oriented museums as well as university-associated exhibition spaces, DC Loft Gallery would like to combine aspects of this variegated artworld fabric into a synthesis potentially appealing to a diverse audience.

Such an effort seems particularly appropriate within the context of a neighborhood itself in transition, incorporating diverse ethnic cultures as well as innovative commercial and residential areas into a neighborhood that is in the process of defining itself. Perhaps it can be suggested this constitutes a kind of suggestion for what urban areas might be projected to become in the near future, and we see ourselves as intimately involved in that ongoing self-conception.

You can see some photos of the gallery here.


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