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  • Tony

    frickin’ awesome…

  • Stacy

    Where’s Meatwad?

    • PG

      And what about Carl?

  • Angruck

    we saw them at the petworth station! meat wad was still coming from the metro to the Bus so they were a complete set

  • mewantfood

    Omg I love aquateens! Awesome costumes…

  • CM

    Love this!

  • e

    definitely saw them at the shaw station!

  • MJ

    Ha ha ha. That totally should have been a Caption Contest entry.

  • rooty tooty

    i saw them on the petworth platform just before a 100% full train got on. if i wasn’t getting on, i know the girl in the milkshake suit certainly wasn’t. hope they were able to make it there somehow.

  • ForTheShorties

    Number one in the hood, G!

  • Krssy

    HAHA!!! I went as a cup of soda one year in college and someone spilled me.

  • Smilla

    LOVE these costumes!! But, yes, where’s Meatwad? Would love to see a picture of the full set.

    If I were dressed as Carl, I’d be afraid of being mistaken for a teabagger.

  • geen

    Make the homies say “ho!”, make the girlies wanna scream!

  • Anonymous

    I love french fries! Great costumes.

  • Rosemary

    I saw them at the rally as well! It was also the two of them wandering along Pennsylvania Ave; I had seen Meatwad half an hour before in the crowd along Constitution. I told them so and they replied that they were looking for her, but I was unable to give them directions- how do you direct people to find one person in a crowd of 200,000, even if they are dressed like a giant meatball?


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