Friday Question of the Day – Is it Time for DC Residents to stop Rooting for the Cowboys?

by Prince Of Petworth September 9, 2010 at 9:10 pm 108 Comments

Photo by PoPville flickr user Mylar Bono

About three years ago I wondered why there were so many Dallas Cowboy fans in DC. At the time a commenter provided a rational explanation:

“Back in the late 60′s and early 70′s when the Cowboys were coming into their own the Redskins were owned by a guy named Marshall, who was a pretty bad racist. IIRC, the Skins were one of the last, if not the last team to have a black starter. The organization was also known to rife with racism while the Cowboys where just starting off had a ton of black stars like Calvin Hill, Pierson, etc.”

As I’m sure you’ve heard – DC plays Dallas this weekend and it got me thinking about this issue again. Given all the changes DC has seen and given the fact that we are coming into our own as a world class city – isn’t it time we united together to root for our hometown team? I don’t mean to dismiss the racism of the past nor am I suggesting we forget it but I also don’t think it is healthy to remain stuck in the past.

And of course there are some exceptions – if you are from Texas, if your parents are from Texas etc. But I’m talking about DC residents that have no affiliation with Texas or another NFL team. While obviously we still need to improve in certain areas, today we are basically an awesome city and we should be proud of it. We will always have plenty to fight and disagree about but when it comes to football: Isn’t it time we unite as a city to support our football team just like we support our hockey team?

  • saf

    Nationals – forget that silly wargame of football! Baseball is where it’s at.

    • Stephanie

      Baseball? I’d rather watch my cat lick himself.

  • Kristen

    Except by this point, it’s people who have loved the Cowboys for the last 30-40 years, or who love the Cowboys their parents do/did … suggesting that they give that up isn’t as easy as just cheering for city unity; it’s tradition.

    • anon

      Also the reason they like the cowboys is because the Redskins were the LAST team in the NFL to integrate. So there is a reason for that tradition.

  • DL


  • neener

    whhhhhoooooo caaaaaaaarrrrrreeeeeessss about football in 2010? 1977? sure, I can understand that, it was like baseball in the 1950s or basketball during the Chicago Bulls era, but FOOTBALL in 2010?

    There’s a mentally retarded man I work with and he loves it, but an educated adult watching football in the era of instant anything else via FB, the web, kindle, etc? I no longer know any adults who follow football. It’s not like the 80s/90s when the internet was young and information was still hard to find. I mean, really, who still follows professional sports? My former secretary has season tickets I guess- her husband is a loading dock supervisor and it’s a big deal for him.

    • saf

      Neener, are you this nasty and negative in real life? Dude, chill out and try to look on the positive side.

    • L.

      are you for real? get over yourself. Myself and the majority of my adult friends and family look forward to football season every year.

    • Neener, you sort of epitomize the theory that DC is full of kids who got their asses kicked in HS.

    • engineergirl

      Wow. I have no interest in sports but I recognize that some of the things I’m passionate about are just as silly and pointless, so why judge others? I don’t know where you work, but football is alive and well among most of the educated adults I work with.

    • Right On!

      Tell it like it is neener!

  • Anonymous

    Yay, neener is back!

  • Anonymous

    You know the real tragedy here, whatever happened to the Houston Oilers! F’ Tennessee!

    • Polytasker

      Hey, them’s fightin’ words! You’re just jealous that I got Chris Johnson for my fantasy team.

  • Derek

    Prince, have you been in DC when the Redskins were good? The two biggest events in this town are Inaugurations and Skins Super Bowls. If you think the city unites behind the Caps, you just haven’t seen the city unite behind the Skins. This is not meant to marginalize those who root for Dallas for ideological reasons, but they’re just a vocal minority.

    The big problem here is to figure out how to make the Skins good again, not to figure out how to get people to root for them.

    • Daddy

      Yeah. A few years ago they couldn’t give away Caps tix. And is it surprising that United’s attendance is down?

    • Ragged Dog

      In school we didn’t have homework Monday night if the Skins won on Sunday or were playing that night. We were conditioned to root for the skins.

    • e-beth

      +1 definitely the biggest problem is that the skins have been terrible for so long. if they have a good season the fans will be out in the open; they are there, they’re just hibernating

    • st

      Prince, your transplant roots are showing. The Redskins own this town like the IMF owns Honduras. Just you wait until we do anything over .500.

      I remember running with my brother out of the Dupont condo where we watched the 42-10 shellacking of Denver and jumping around in the middle of the circle with a thousand strangers who had just stopped, gotten out of their cars, and gone freaking crazy in the streets with joy. No stupid riots, or cars set on fire, just a huge crowd of cheering people in the street. I remember one cab driver, standing on the roof of his car, just screaming “REDSKIIIIIINS!!! REDSKIIIIIIIIINS!” And then the whole crowd, singing Hail to the Redskins in a mighty roar.*

      I remember cutting school the next day to head downtown to watch the parade after the Denver win, and I remember seeing the dean of students of my school in the huge crowd. He was always a bit of a bastard to us, but when he saw us that day, he waved and shouted “Hail to the Redskins!”

      As for us only overcoming the legacy of Marshall’s racism now, don’t hurt your shoulder patting your generation on the back – Doug Williams, baby. That 2nd quarter….never was such a quarter. In the immortal words of Flavor Flav: “We gettin’ ready to watch the Super Bowl, we got a black quarterback so STEP BACK.”

      Ah, memories. Not dead, only sleeping.

      *The Saints are my other team, having lived in N.O. in the 90s, and when I saw this video of Drew Brees, I was strongly reminded of that night after the Denver SB: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_QsSFAEQ8U

      • Hail_to_Fan


      • I remember opening the door at my mom’s house off of Wisconsin and hearing the city roar!

  • Who follows pro sports. You realize the pro football is the most popular sport in this country. Doctors, Lawyers, Judges and college professors play fantasy football. The Saints were the best sports story of the year and a great story period. “I no longer know any adults who follow football” I no longer know any adults who refer to people as ‘retarded.’

    Re: the question I hated Dallas before I even moved to DC – I hated Michael Irvin from his days at ‘the U.’

  • Rachel

    There are lots of Cowboys fans here because there are lots of Cowboys fans in every city. I know everyone loves to hate the Cowboys, but they have quite a history over the past forty years and have a huge national following. For me, cheering for a football team is never about where you live currently, it’s about where you were raised.

    I was raised in Dallas during the 90s and the awesome Jimmy Johnson days, so I can’t help but route for my Boys. Since I moved to DC, I keep my love for the Cowboys quiet and I don’t talk too much s*** to Redskins fans. And, I certainly don’t wear my Marion Barber jersey in public. That would be suicide.

    • Herb

      I can’t see the Cowboys now without thinking of Jimmy Johnson and those ridiculous ExtenZe commercials

  • JJ

    Umm…speaking of racism, what’s DC’s team name again?

    I could never support a team called the Redskins. I do hate the cowboys though, as I am a Texans fan.

    • VeggieTart

      Yeah, I was gonna say maybe when they get rid of that name.

      I stopped watching football when the commissioner allowed that felon Michael Vick to be reinstated.

      Screw football, I’ll be watching the Caps again and hoping they don’t flame out in the first round again.

    • Jesse

      Yeah, it’s hard to buck the idea that the “Redskins” have shed the racist associations. They aren’t even the “Indians” or named for a tribe. I’m not a PC person, but at best it’s a really dumb moniker for marketing purposes. Tradition for tradition’s sake has a place… but it doesn’t mean sensiblity and common sense should take a back seat.

    • +1

      Sorry no one with any morals can route for the Redskins until they change the name of the team.

      • Anonymous

        +1, and the hideous colors also – they got to go. It’s absurd that they changed the name of DC’s basketball team from the Bullets to the lame “Wizards”, because of the violence that occurred in the 80’s and early 90’s. Yeah, having a basketball team that is called the Bullets promotes violence just as much as having a football team named the Redskins promotes racism.

    • J street

      There was actually a great article in the WaPo about the actual origin of the name Redskin. I suggest that people with your argument read it.


      I work for a Native American organization and the thing that I have actually heard which insults people the most is the non-Indians dressing up like them and making a fool of themselves.

      Also how could anyone route for the Cowboys. There is nothing worse than a Dallas fan (except for possibly an Eagle fan). The funniest thing that I ever saw was a girl in Adams Mill with a Romo jersey get pelted with a bunch of dirty buffalo wing napkins after the Cowboys scored, it was priceless!!!

    • James

      Yep, that was what I was going to say. I’ll gladly root for a DC team that doesn’t have a racist name, but until the name is changed, Dan Snyder’s team doesn’t get a penny of my money or an ounce of my loyalty.

  • Patrick

    Yes. No one should ever root for the Dallas Cowboys. Ever. And especially around here. How many Skins fans does Dallas have anyways?

    But actually I think the Skins are probably much more of a unifying team than the Capitals or Nationals, whose fan bases tend to be more… suburban. But serious, DC is a football town, and its only the Skins bad couple years that have allowed other teams to come into the picture. If they could go on run, or be in playoff contention, you’ll see DC suddenly go crazy for them again, with folks swearing they never wavered.

    • Kev29

      The Skins are much more of a suburban, exurban and regional team than the Nats and Caps (and Wizards and United). A lot of city residents go to Nats Park and Verizon – even if they’re not strictly cheering for the home team. Active Redskins fans come from Western MD, Southern MD, Central VA, Southern VA – even all the way down to North Carolina. Go to a game and you’d be amazed at how rural the fan base is. I used to sit next to a guy who drove up from Virginia Beach for every home game. Dudes show up to games in hunting gear and Virginia Tech hats – they don’t live in Logan Circle!

      I always laugh when people say that “DC” is obsessed with the Redskins – they’re most powerful *outside* the Beltway. Hell, it can be tough to even get a sports bar inside the city to show Skins games on TV because they are so jam packed with transplants. But go to a bar in Leesburg, Rockville or LaPlata for a Skins game and it’s a different story.

  • Matt

    I used to follow football, but I got kind of sick of it in the aftermath of 9/11 when it became so relentlessly jingoistic. Well, that and the fact that it’s basically war without the guns.

    Give me baseball and basketball and soccer and I’m happy.

  • Mt P resident

    Gawd. Who can root for Snydor’s boys?

    Get some kind of owner with a clue, then root for the team.

    In the meantime, Cowboys will spank your ass and you will like it.

  • DC Native

    I’ve never heard of black people in this city not liking the skins bc of some racial issue decades ago. In fact, I cant think of a native DC resident who likes the cowboys. Its a determining factor between real dc natives and transplants. If you have an unwavering loyalty to the Skins, then you’re from dc. If you could consider liking the cowboys than you’re from somewhere else. The only black person I know that lives in DC that likes the Cowboys is my neighbor and he’s from Dallas. I’ve spoken with probably hundreds of blacks and whites and other races and I dont think I’ve found an old, young, or in between DC native who would EVER root for the Cowboys.

    PoP – I think your information may be based on a very small number of outspoken people who dont understand the one thing that actually unites blacks and whites in this city and thats the Redskins.

    Regarding the redskins name… I’m of mixed feelings about it. Though overall, I’m so mad about how terribly the last renaming of our sports team went (i.e. from Bullets to Wizards) that I dont think I could stomach it again. The name is insensitive, but with every passing year the word “Redskin” becomes less racial and more a word that means nothing other than a football team.

    • Eric

      Man, I wish that I ran into as few cowboys fans as you have!Whats interesting is that I grew up in Takoma Park and there were hardly any cowboys fans. My really good friend is a teacher at a DC public high school and tells me that at least 30% of her students are cowboys fans. These kids are certainly DC natives.

      With all that said there is nothing that I hate more than someone who has no ties to Dallas yet they are driving around with a star on their car! Seriously!

    • Ocho

      Sorry DC Native but you are wrong. Many of the older African American Cowboys fans root for them b/c when they were younger the Redskins were FORCED to integrate. At the same time Dallas willingly drafted players from small southern black schools. That is the only explanation that I will except from a Cowboys fan as to why they root for such filth. You should look at the fact that you dont know any DallASS fans as a blessing tho…Go Skins!

    • Petworther

      +1 on the last paragraph there…DC has a [recent] history of crappy sports names. I’d personally add the Nationals to that list. Even though I’m a fan of the team, I think it’s a dumb name.

      As far as the Skins, they are not wanting for fans. They’re the most successful team in football, and one of the most profitable brands in the world (I think 3rd behind Man United and the Yankees?), so I can at least understand why Snyder is opposed to changing the name, even though I think it should be done.

      • jt$

        I don’t buy all the puffing about how valuable and popular the skins are, 200,000 name waiting list for season tickets, etc. Where does the revenue come from? The skins aren’t a team with a national following at all, unlike the Steelers, Cowboys, Patriots, Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs. I think the NFL and Forbes allows for very loose valuations on its teams b/c there’s no incentive not to say your team is worth $2 billion. It’s the same reason there won’t be any blacked out games locally despite the fact that there will be many many empty, unsold seats for the weak (the non-nfc east) games.

      • Kim

        I hate to burst your bubble (and I’m not Cowboys fan), but, according to Forbes, the top five are:

        1)Manchester United
        2)Dallas Cowboys
        3)New York Yankees
        4)Washington Redskins
        5)New England Patriots

        So, it looks like the Cowboys are most valuable than the Redskins. I’m not sure what your assertion that the Redskins are “the most successful team in football” is based on.

        • Petworther

          That doesn’t exactly burst my bubble–no need to be sorry. The point remains, according to your list, that the Washington Redskins are one of the top five most valuable teams. In the world. Who cares if there a few Cowboys fans around?

    • Native JD

      No, it isn’t becoming less racial. As a Native American I grow more pissed off about it every day.

      How many minorities do i see everyday wearing a racial stereotype. Do you think they would react calmly if I had a “Negro” jacket on with a profile of a stereotypical hood rat?

      Make a decision to be more inclusive and racially sensitive and stand up against racism or be a part of the problem.

      • Anonymous

        are you doing anything about it beyond posting here?

      • Dood

        All the lawsuits about the name were won by the Redskins, and most people don’t seem to feel the way you do.

    • saf

      “I cant think of a native DC resident who likes the cowboys”

      One of my neighbors, and her boyfriend.

      I think they do it on purpose to be pissy.

      • Anonymous

        i know a ton of native dc cowboy lovers. its a great rivalry. and everytime they play, old guys argue it up in my ally or bus stop.

        its great.

  • Nst

    “Back in the late 60′s and early 70′s when the Cowboys were coming into their own the Redskins were owned by a guy named Marshall, who was a pretty bad racist”

    Hmmm…does the name itself not imply blatant racism now? Its a disgrace that the name Redskins is still tolerated along with drunk people dressed in offensive costumes mocking traditional Native American regalia and spiritual ceremonies.

    When the majority of states are willinging changing their high school and college team names out of respect of other cultures. DC is light years behind and its a shame their ownership can’t change with the times.

    DC has a very large African American population, how would they feel if the Redskins name was changed a racial epithet directed at them? It would never happen.

  • Petworthian

    I used to be bored stiff watching football on TV and like the outdoors, I swore I’d never date a guy who HAD to waste a beautiful day off watching sports (ditto for video games.) But football kind of snuck up on me later in life. I enjoy watching really good athletes – it’s like ballet how some of those guys can move! – and it’s the only time I’ll give myself license to eat hot wings or stuffed potato skins. Now I think football season isn’t long enough since it’s still winter when it’s over. Get a nice fire going in the fireplace, crack open a beer, and take a break from your housework. Yay!

  • Rat King of Dupont

    Do you really think that every other NFL city is completely homogenous when it comes to people rooting for specific teams?

    • Kustie the Klown

      There are basically zero redskins fans in Dallas.

    • Kim

      Yeah, based purely on observations, I’d have to say that, while of course no other NFL city is completely homogeneous, there seem to be a lot more Cowboys fans in and around DC than there are fans of other teams in the other cities I’ve lived in. (And this includes Cleveland, where it’s hard to find non-Browns fans, so the argument that it’s because the Redskins aren’t good doesn’t hold much water for me.)

      And of course I don’t walk up to every person wearing a Cowboys jersey or cheering for the Cowboys and ask if they are D.C. natives or not, but I know for a fact that at least some of the Cowboys fans (people I work with, and, like another poster, kids at my old roommate’s school) are in fact D.C. natives.

    • Dood

      The thing is I know a ton of DC natives who root for Dallas, and like one dude that likes the Vikings and another guy who likes the Raiders. I don’t know any DC natives who like the Steelers or other teams that have national followings.

  • Native JD

    It’s time for Dan Snyder to change the name to offend some other minority group.

    • Ragged Dog


      I vote for “Thundering Midgets”.

      Imagine the half time show.

  • Joseph

    D.C. native here Northeast born and bred and I’m a die hard Cowboys fan.

  • cookietime420

    I’m a skins fan true and true. My father rooted for them and watching games with him and friends is a hell of a fond memory. It doesn’t hurt that I was a teenager during the glory years of the 80’s. Given the racist past, I don’t blame black folks for hating on the skins. I also hate the name, I don’t care what the history is there, the name is today racist. I can’t see it any other way. Change the name!

  • Anonymous

    According to the Washington City Paper’s recent poll, only 6% of people root for the Cowboys in DC. It’s really not that prevalent.

    • Kustie the Klown

      Who reads the Citypaoer though? NOBODY. I’m a die hard cowboys fan and i haven’t picked up that rag in 10 years at least.

      A recent Nielson study has kangfirmed that the Boys are America’s Team:


      Here’s how we got to that status:


      The simple fact of the matter is that the Cowboys are beloved by many people everywhere, like the Yankees or Notre Dame. With the love comes jealousy and hate. We embrace it.

      True Cowboys fans LOVE our over-the-top, Hollywood image. It’s part of the mystique.

      • Kim

        The methodology used to confirm that the Cowboys are “America’s Team” is laughable at best. They were given more primetime games and more nationally televised games, partially because they have been a good team of late. Clearly a team with games that are televised to more people is going to have more viewers.

        • Kustie the Klown

          The cowboys have ALWAYS been the national game as often as the networks can make it happen within the limitations of NFL local coverage rules.

          This is regardless of their record. It was the same in 1989 when they were 1-15.

          I’d like to know what methodology would be more accurate than actual TV ratings surveys.

          • Kim

            Oh, so the networks love them and thus they are America’s team. Got it.

            How about looking at the number of members of backers clubs throughout the nation? (Of course, this has it’s problems, too.)

            I guess my point is that there is no accurate way to quantitatively measure a team’s support. Are you actually arguing that you can compare the tv ratings of a team with five national primetime games (for example) to the tv ratings of a team with one national game? That’s laughable.

          • Kim

            Oh, and, I would think this would be obvious, but watching a Cowboys game does not logically equate with support for the Cowboys. People could be supporting the teams they’re playing. People could hate the Cowboys and turn in to route against whichever team they’re playing against. People could just want to spend all day watching football. There are a multitude of reasons to watch Cowboy’s games other than supporting the Cowboys.

      • anon

        So you cowgirl fans get your facts straight…the “America’s Team” moniker was offered to the Steelers first. Art Rooney said no…the Steelers are Pittsburgh’s team.

        You’ll say I’m wrong…you’ll probably quote the Wikipedia page to try and prove it, but in your heart, you know it’s true. You’re sloppy seconds…

        • Synonymous

          Glad we could add sexism into the mix.

  • jt$

    If the skins were anything more than a completely incompetent franchise from the ownership to the players with a name that didn’t make me sick to my stomach and policies of gouging thier fans at every corner with nothing in return, I might consider them a halfway respectable team.

    However I must say that every year, even after last year, Skins fans do unite behind their team optimistically. Look at them now, planning for the super bowl already!

    Cowboys 4 life

  • Ms. Pac-Man

    Yep, change the name and I will start paying attention, I promise. Until then no dice.

  • Ragged Dog

    Aside from the introduction of the salary cap, the city council really killed the Redskins in this town when they tried to soak JKC when he was trying to build his new stadium. Typical DC politics: trying to soak a guy for money who was willing to build a stadium for free in the city. That wasn’t good enough and he called their bluff.

    • Kustie the Klown

      The redskins will be playing in a new retractable roof stadium on the site of old RFK within ten years, maximum.

  • ET

    I used to root for the Redskins but then after I lived up here a few years I got over it. But even after I developed a mild hate for the team I would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER (and I can’t stress that enough) root for the Cowboys. There is not enough money to bribe me with to root for the Cowboys. My hate for the Cowboys is much older and more ingrained that it is for Redskins.

    All sports teams from Texas and Florida can go to perdition for all I care.

  • Dee Montgomerry Pennyworth

    god, i love this blog … but i hate all these stupid liberals. anyway, all dc dallas fans are either disgruntled redskins fans or the children of disgruntled redskins fans

  • Anonomi

    That’s a lame question Dan. Like who you want to like.

  • L.

    This question is ridiculous. People can root for any team they want. I like the Redskins well enough, but I’m not insanely devoted to them just because I live here.

  • anon808

    like others have said, DC is a football town and the skins are a huge unifying force in the city. If the skins win on Sunday night, just notice how happy people are on Monday. It’s amazing.

    I think the Dallas thing is more of a counter culture thing. Like kids rebelling against their parents type thing. yes, it probably had roots in the Marshall years, but now it’s probably to go against the grain.

    • djdc

      That’s why you’ll find some Raiders fans in Colorado. Often just to be anti.

  • Clarification

    I think Redskin is a shit ton better than “Indian” and everyone says “Indian”.

    • Indian is back as an accepted term. Hence the National Museum of the American Indian.

  • Alright, I have to dispute this “DC is a football town” thing… I’ve lived here for 18 years and have seen no evidence to support this. Maybe when the Skins are winning, but real football towns aren’t fairweather like DC is. (Same goes for the Caps.) On Sundays where I’m from (Pittsburgh) football is the ONLY thing everyone eats, breathes or sleeps – regardless of whether the Steelers are having a good season or a bad one or whether someone is a lawyer or an electrician. Now, whether or not that’s because Steelers football (and Penguins hockey) is all a lot of people up there have – that’s up for debate. I’d say that Baltimore has way more of that vibe than DC. (I’m a Ravens fan, and so try to spend as many football Sundays in Baltimore as possible.) I just don’t see the “DC is a football town” thing. Maybe it’s just too white collar and there are too many fans of other teams from other cities? (I’m certainly one of them – no matter how long I’ve lived here, I’ll never be a
    Skins fan. I’m not anti-Skins, they’re just not my team.)

    • BaconForBigAl

      Uhh, that’s because all the listed teams (Steelers, Ravens, & Pens) have been very, very good over the past 10+ seasons. Has there ever been a chance for the “fairweather” syndrome to set in, in either Pittsburgh or Baltimore? The answer is yes, but not in football. Just look at the Pirates & Orioles. Two once very proud franchises are seemingly non-existent and constantly battle for the bottom of the MLB basement each year. Born and raised in Silver spring, I proudly support the two original teams of the area, my redskins & orioles.


      • The Steelers had a losing record for a lot of the mid-80s and it was still the same. Same w/ the Pens. Baltimore’s team is relatively new, and we’ve had a few bad seasons. (2007 comes to mind – ugh)

    • Kim

      I tend to agree. I’m from Cleveland and it’s the same way. And no one can argue that the Browns have been good any time in recent history!

    • anon808

      It’s a football town. DC just has more international types who don’t care or understand american football. Take a look around DC this weekend. You will see a lot of burgundy and gold. I think you’ll see it more in the burbs vs. the inner city.

  • Native JD

    I’m not Columbus’s mistake.

    I am anishnabe, ojibwe, chippewa…but I’m not an Indian.

    • Honest question then, is your opinion on this prevalent in the Native American community? Why did the Smithsonian name the museum that if it continues to be offensive? (Like I said – honest question.)

      • Native JD

        That’s just my personal opinion. Technically my tribe calls ourselves Chippewa Indians. I think that it’s a) unnecessary b/ repetitive if you think about it and c0 offensive.

        But then again I’ve been through Federal “Indian” Law 1 and 2 and Critical Race Theory.

        • An Actual Indian

          Football is boring.

  • Anonymous

    Urbanite transplants on a blog like this are not a good guage of football loyalty. Quite honestly, and I don’t like this, but the suburbs have most multi-generational DC area families who have loyalties to teams like the Skins. Go to MoCo, PG, or Fairfax and you’ll have a more unified, partisan fanbase. The transient urban core is mostly “part timer” mercenaries. Not that they haven’t added anything to the city, because they have been critical in revitalizing the core, but they’re certainly not a guage for the 5.3M DC metro area.

    • Stephanie

      I agree. I am from So. MD, where people bleed burgundy and gold. I live in DC now, where sure there are local hardcore Skins fans, but there are many out-of-towners, who are here temporarily but support their home team (like my boyfriend, who is a Chiefs fan).

      • anon808

        Yup so true. I would also say all of VA and even parts of North Carolina (remember Panthers are an expansion team) bleed burgundy and gold. In the burbs you will much more of a fanbase.

  • Anonymous

    And Nichole- you live on Capitol frickin Hill! That’s the essence of transience and people from other places.

    • I haven’t always though. And, most of the people I know on the Hill have lived there for 20+ years; many were born and raised there. I know there’s staffers and whatnot, but there are a lot of Hill natives still around and kicking on the Hill.

    • saf

      “Capitol frickin Hill! That’s the essence of transience ”

      I disagree. There are an awful lot of long-timers there.

  • dcdude

    It’s not the term “Redskin” that irks me, but just the simple fact that they would usurp someone else’s cultural heritage and turn it into a caricature in order to promote something as banal as a football team.

  • IGGLES!!!

    I hate the Rashes. This is a great city, but it has a lowsy football team with a terrible owner. Go IGGLES!

    • Stephanie

      but at least we don’t have lousy fans.

      • IGGLES!!!

        Ha! At least the fans in Philly root for their teams when they arent wishing death on players coaches and ownership. As said before, DC is full of front-running fans. The Cowboys-Rashes rivalry is long standing and this is a football town, but 90% of the fans here only give a damn about the Bullets or Craps if they are favorites in the playoffs. And I hear that you have a baseball team too! Good for you guys!!!

        • Stephanie

          And I hear we have a few superbowl trophies too. How’s that going for ya?

          • Kustie the Klown

            Stephanie, it should ALWAYS be noted (when mentioning the redskins’ “championships”) that 2 of the skins’ 3 trophies came in tainted, strike-shortened seasons. The skins only have one true championship (SB 26).

            The boys have 5 clear titles, 8 super bowl appearances, and 16 NFC championship appearances.

        • Kev29

          Yeah, just like how the Sixers are uber-popular in Philly right now…not really. Hell, even the Phillies struggled a bit with attendance when they had a long playoff drought – and were known more for leading MLB history in losses than regarded as NL elite (now).

          • Anonymous

            Clearly Kustie does not know how to read, as I was replying to the EAGLES fan.

  • another guy named chris

    I am a NOVA Native and was raised to be Redskins fan, however when I was being forced to sing the redskins anthem in grade school after the pledge of allegiance I quickly became a COWBOYS FAN!!!

    That 6% of DC residents are Cowboys fans number is a joke because at the Cowboys Skins game every year at least 30% of the fans are wearing blue. I’ve been the past 4 years.

    • Anonymous

      … people travel from other cities to football games. I was in Texas last year, as a ‘Skins fan and probably 20% were freakin’ skins fans. Get over yourself.

  • X

    Never. Cowboys for life!! I bleed silver n’ blue.

  • yatrakarna

    Get rid of Dan Snyder, maybe I’ll think about rooting for them. Until then, the team is boring. High priced whiners picked up in free agency, and losers at that. Where’s the fun.

  • Anon

    Football is a business — why on earth would a person become a fan of a business? Take away all the trappings and it is a way for owners to make money of the misplaced emotional attachment “fans” have to a business that will exploit that emotion to their financial gain. Sure its nice entertainment — and enjoy it as such. But to “bleed” team colors? suckers!


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