Car Fire Epidemic in DC

I know I’ll upset some readers with the following statement but – this is insane. Monday afternoon we spoke about some mysterious car fires in Columbia Heights. A reader from Adams Morgan writes in after reading that post:

“My car also mysteriously caught on fire on Wednesday night (or technically Thursday morning). Picture attached.

The fire department and police department came and woke us up to let us know our Ford Escape was on fire – it looks eerily similar to some of these pictures. We’re hoping to get a copy of the police report today, but at the scene the cops/fire department said they didn’t see an signs of arson. Our insurance company towed the car on Friday and is doing their own investigation now.

I also have out of state tags – Indiana – but was parked right next to a car with Ohio tags that was untouched. It was in a small parking area in the alley behind my house in Adam’s Morgan.

I had pretty much resigned myself to the fact that it was a random electrical issue (even though it had been parked for 7 hours with no one driving it or coming near it).

I’m not saying I’ve now changed my mind, but this is at least interesting.”

Another reader writes in saying that an investigation is now ongoing involving the fire and police departments. Hopefully there will be an update soon.

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