Seriously Sweet Mt. Vernon Square Scuttlebutt – Chipotle and Rays Coming Soon?

It’s been a while since we chewed on some sweet scuttlebutt and I wanted to update our last Mt. Vernon Square scuttlebutt discussion from June. At the time I had heard that the City Vista sales center located at 1045 5th St, NW was looking like it might become a wine bar, a Chipotle, or something else. Well I’m hearing that Chipotle won the battle.

And in other huge Mt. Vernon Square scuttlebutt – one of the last retail spaces on the K St, NW side is likely to get filled with a Ray’s Hell Burger you know the place often cited as one of the best burgers in DC (Arlington actually) and the spot Obama visited in June with the Russian president. I’m hearing it will be in the space near the Results gym. That would be a pretty sweet addition to the row, yeah?

At the moment both the Chipotle and Ray’s ‘coming soon’ should still be considered scuttlebutt but I promise to update if/when the official word comes out.

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