New Circulator Bus Route Dupont – Georgetown – Rosslyn

by Prince Of Petworth August 31, 2010 at 1:30 pm 22 Comments

Image courtesy of DDOT

Forgot to mention this from Friday. From DDOT:

Building off the existing Georgetown Metro Connection route (also known as the “Blue Bus”),which already boasts nearly 40,000 riders a month, the Dupont Circle – Georgetown – Rosslyn Circulator line will begin service on Sunday, August 29. The new DC Circulator line will operate from 7 am to midnight Sunday through Thursday, and from 7 am to 2 am Friday and Saturday.

“The ridership and demand for this route is already here and we already subsidize it, so it made sense to make it part of the Circulator system,” said Director Klein. We are looking at multiple locations throughout the city for expanding the system and look forward to launching additional routes in 2011.”

“The Rosslyn Metro Station has the highest number of entries and exits in Northern Virginia per day at over 36,000 on average and is among the top 10 stations in the Metrorail System,” said Board Chair Fisette. “Since the ‘Blue Bus’ started, more than four million riders have used the service connecting Arlington with Washington. The Circulator’s takeover of the route is a testament to the successful partnership formed in 2001 between the Rosslyn and Georgetown Business Improvement Districts and the DC and Arlington Government to launch the route.”

DDOT is currently conducting a comprehensive study to guide the expansion of the Circulator system over the next five to ten years. That includes an ongoing collaboration with neighborhoods east of the Anacostia River to determine the best route for a new line in this location. This planning effort will be completed this fall.

Other Circulator Service Changes after the jump.

DDOT is also making some small system changes to other Circulator routes beginning Sunday, August 29, based on passenger requests. These include:

* Union Station – Georgetown service will now enter Georgetown on lower K Street, serve the Wisconsin Avenue corridor, and exit Georgetown on M Street heading toward Union Station.
* Union Station – Navy Yard service will be streamlined near Columbus Circle in front of Union Station, providing a faster trip and allowing passengers to transfer between the Georgetown route and Navy Yard route on Massachusetts Avenue. Stops will also be added on Seward Square (Pennsylvania Avenue at 5th Street SE) on Capitol Hill.
* Woodley Park/Adams Morgan – McPherson Square service will avoid southbound traffic delays by exiting Thomas Circle at Massachusetts Avenue and traveling toward Franklin Square on 13th Street. A new stop will be added on 13th Street at K Street.
* Late night service on Georgetown – 17th and K Route will be extended to 14th and K, allowing passengers to transfer between lines at Franklin Square and McPherson Square Metro.

For more information about all of the Circulator routes please visit www.DCCirculator.com.

  • DL

    I am waiting for the Circulator bus that will take me from my house to Marx Cafe in Mt. Pleasant and then back home with a pit stop at the Derby for a few wrap-up beers and maybe some chess spectating.

    • Traviss

      Man, chess is not a spectator sport! You should learn to play! It’s fairly easy to learn, but few ever master it.

      Good luck!

  • skeedattle

    There’s nothing quite as enjoyable as a 5 PM ride down M St through Georgetown. Nah, but seriously, that’s cool.

  • runwayanimal

    Have often heard Circulator referred as “The White People’s Bus”. Just saying…

    • DL

      Is that based on who rides it or which area it serves?

    • andy

      you’ll notice that the regular Union Station to Georgetown Circulator shortens its route to Farragut to Georgetown after 9 at night. Don’t want those white folks having to go east of 16th St after dark, do we?

    • anon

      I see a good amount of black people and everyone else ride those buses too. Hell I’m black myself and I the McPherson Sq-Adams Morgan route everyday. I can’t see how one would call it a white person bus…

  • super_b

    So, what makes a bus route a “circulator” route and not just another city bus route? I know they are using fancy new buses, but other than that, is there anything special?

    • saf

      Circulator is run by DDOT rather than WMATA.

  • joker

    Great, now the District Taxpayers pay for a heavily subsidized transportation system for VIRGINIA Residents.

    How anyone thought that Gabe Klein, former head caterer for the Mayors Birthday party and employee of a faltering car rental business was remotely qualified to run a 200 million dollar a year DOT is beyond me.

    • George

      You wanker! Ever consider that DC residents might need to go to Rosslyn?

      • joker

        DC residents, (far more of them) need to go to Mongomery County (more dc residents work in Mont Co) than do Arlington. Why don’t we have a circulator to Bethesda?

        DC residents might need to go to Pittsburgh too, but that doesn’t mean we should be paying to set up a line to do so.

        Point is, this Georgetown line is the MOST profitable Circulator Line in DC and the most ridden (50% off all circulator trips are taken on that line), and it only manages to get a 22% farebox recovery. Yeah, thats what I said…~80% Subsidized.

        Comparison of Metrorail, which despite all its issues is only 27% subsidized.

        If Arlington wants to pony up, or the Georgetown BID which was previously paying for this, fine. But thats not the case.

        Another Gabe Klein Epic Fail

        • George

          Then maybe they should just drop them off on this side of the bridge and let them walk the rest of the way.

  • CJ

    This is the bus I take every day. I live in ADMO, work in Rosslyn. I walk or take the 42 Bus to DuPont and hop on this bus from there.

    The old Georgetowner bus was awesome. Never more then a 10 minute wait, since it was a small bus it got through traffic easy, .$50 each way, never crowded and you were allowed to bring drinks on it.

    Metro took over two days ago and has already screwed everything up.

    The new Circulator does NOT run every 10 minuets as they said they would. I’ve sat at both Rosslyn and Dupont for over 20 minuets in the last two days, just waiting for the bus to leave. At each stop the driver has had to explain to passengers that they only go to Dupont. Since the bus is bigger it has a harder time getting through traffic. This all meaning my 30 minute door to door commute is now hovering closer to an hour each way!!

    Also, no more iced coffee on the bus in the morning. I knew this was coming but it sucks now that it’s here.

    Finally – How they went from a small to large bus, yet it is now twice as crowded as it ever was before is beyond me. Only WMATA could pull off a magic act like that.

    • 11th

      i think wmata only has partial jurisdiction over the circulator. wmata runs by itself the regular metro buses, the circulator is under wmata, ddot, and dc surface transit. its operated by a private company, first transit.



      someone with better knowledge of the bus bureaucracy correct me if i’m wrong.

    • hank

      SERIOUSLY! What the heck! Plus, they eliminated the Marriott Hotel stop cause the bus can’t fit in the parking lot (and unlike the Blue Bus, the drivers won’t just let you off at a red light). So to summarize:

      1) Runs less frequently
      2) Moves more slowly
      3) Fewer stops
      4) Costs more
      5) Consumes more taxpayer money

      But ah! You can use your smartcard!

  • steesy

    In another shocking turn of events, the PoP comments section devolves into hysterical ravings about race and/or the dreaded suburbs.

  • I miss the blue bus…

  • K

    On the somewhat hysterical front, I am curious about taxes. Do people who work in the District but live in VA or MD pay any DC taxes other than sales tax on purchases? Do the federal government agencies located in DC pay any DC tax? Do they somehow contribute to the upkeep of the city’s infrastructure? How many people work here but live in VA or MD? I work in DC and there are about 5 District residents out of approximately 125 staff. Maybe that is an anomaly?

    I wonder about these things whenever I drive on Sherman Ave over the hundreds of potholes surrounded by the crazy effing drivers from the dreaded suburbs of MD.

    • Anon

      A few years ago DC tried to impose an income tax on non-DC residents that earned their income in DC. Congress — led be members from VA and MD killed it.

    • joker

      Google “dc commuter tax” and you will learn everything you need to know.

      The bold strokes are:

      1. 300K people a day commute into DC every day to earn their living, but live in VA or MD.

      2. 2/3rds of all yearly income earned in DC (30 billion/yr) is earned by MD or VA residents who don’t pay a cent of income tax in the District. Assuming they were DC residents taxed at that the standard rate, that would be an additional 2.4 billion per year collected by the District Treasurer. Of course, the commuter tax proposed many times in the past ranged in size from half a percent to 2 percent in income.

      3. VA and MD Congressman would NEVER permit the commuter tax to happen, as all dc legislation gets to be vetted by congress.

  • VeggieTart

    Well, I am grateful that the Circulator goes into Rosslyn, as I work there. Trying to catch a 38B is always trying–talk about unreliable! The buses are always late in the afternoons. And the problem with the Blue Bus is you COULDN’T use your SmarTrip card, which really sucks. I am also happy to see a stop at L and 24th, making it easier to stop at Trader Joe’s on the way home.


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