Friday Question of the Day: Who you gonna vote for and why? (Reader Request)

Thanks to a reader for sending in the great shot of a ‘house divided’ above

“Dear PoP,

So in recent weekend outings of mine, I can’t help but see the incredibly enthusiastic Vincent Gray campaign volunteers/staff. So, I begin my research into who I’m going to vote for, which turns out is a little difficult. I can find summaries of debates and interactions, but I want a side-by-side unbiased comparison of where they stand on various issues. I know Gray is running on an education platform, but what else is he planning to do to improve the city–and how is it better than what Fenty’s already doing?

I’m sure opening this up as a question of the day on PoP could yield some strange/inappropriate responses, but myself and I’m sure some other people out there wouldn’t mind digging through those comments to find something of value. Just something to think about before November 2.”

Actually the primary is September 14 so you only have a month to decide! So another reader asked that I put up a more updated Mayoral Poll:

For those who’ve been following the campaign – who are you going to vote for and why?

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