Washington, DC

Unfortunately many of us dealt with downed power lines after the recent brutal storms we’ve experienced. Now, I remember I was once told that power lines are buried underground in many Capitol Hill neighborhoods. And now that I think about I can’t recall seeing overhead wires on the Hill. The photo above is from New Hampshire Ave, NW in Petworth and the photo below is off Ordway Street, NW in Cleveland Park. It seems that overhead wires are in most if not all NW neighborhoods. Does anyone know of other neighborhoods were there are buried power wires?

So a couple of other questions come to mind. First does anyone know the circumstances of how the Hill neighborhoods got buried wires? Second, and the FQotD: Would you be willing to pay a higher Pepco bill if that was the trade off to get the wires buried in your neighborhood? And in general are buried power lines something that is important to you?


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