Washington, DC

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“Dear PoP,

My friend Sarah believes her wallet was stolen on the 42 bus on Thursday night (8/19) on the way to dinner. it’s especially urgent because her passport is inside it and she’s scheduled to leave for Peru in the morning. She’s trying to get an urgent replacement in the next day or two, but it would be grand if someone happened to find it on the sidewalk along the 42 route. It didn’t have any money in it, so it’s unlikely it would be useful to anyone. It’s a large, brown leather wallet. If someone does find it, can you please email me at elyse.moody(at)gmail.com

If nothing turns up, it’s at least a good reminder to zip/fasten/close up your purse.

We’re researching what to do to get a replacement passport ASAP but any advice would also be useful.”

If anyone happens to be walking around Connecticut Ave, NW and Florida please see if a passport happened to be tossed and email elyse.moody(at)gmail.com. Also does anyone know how fast you can get a passport reissued and how that is done?


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