Washington, DC

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“Dear PoP,

Do you have any good ideas for first date restaurants? I’m looking for a place that is low key and relatively quiet/private so my hypothetical date and I can have a good conversation and get to know each other. Also, it shouldn’t be so inexpensive that I look cheap, but it shouldn’t be so expensive that I look like a show off (or that I blow a fortune on someone then realize that there won’t be a second date).

To give you an idea, a place like Red Rocks strikes me as a good first date option. I’m interested in non-Columbia Heights/Petworth spots too, though, because I live up here and I feel like it sends the wrong message to take a woman somewhere that’s just a few blocks away from my place.”

Back in Feb. ’08 we had a similar question where I recommended:

If you want to stay in the U Street area, you should get dinner at one of three places followed up by some live music at HR57 (jazz). Good places to eat beforehand are Rice, Al Crostino, or the new wine bar Cork. You’ll probably have to drop like $80 total for the both of you on dinner but HR57 is pretty cheap and you can even bring your own wine there. Rice is located right next to HR57 on 14th Street a couple blocks north of P. Al Crostino (a bit more expensive) is on U St. between 13th and 14th. If she’s been to HR 57 before or any of these restaurants a strong runner up would be to take her to Utopia which has live music at 1418 U Street. It has an awesome atmosphere and the music is usually pretty good. I think they only have music on Friday and Sat. though. If you want another place that is kind cool, go to Bohemian Caverns at 11th and U. It has a lot of history and the music is also rather strong in my experience (jazz and sometimes blues).

He decided to do this. Of course there are tons of new places that have since opened up since Feb. ’08 so what/where would you guys recommend for a good first date?


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