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Resident Reports unoccupied house becomes a Bike Graveyard.

by Prince Of Petworth July 7, 2010 at 9:10 pm 8 Comments

I still feel that these mini bikes are a scourge on our neighborhoods. Nevertheless a reader sends in the following from the Petworth Listserv:

“A red and white Honda micro-motorcycle appeared in the back yard of the unoccupied house next to me around 9 pm last night. The bike was brought in a back gate and hidden behind the garage so that it cannot be seen from the alley.

This house has apparently become a stash point for someone. Bicycles appear here, are left for several days, and then suddenly disappear, only to be replaced by another, different bike several days later. This is the first time for a motorcycle.

I spoke with the cop in my PSA, who took a look at the bike, but he said that since no theft report was associated with the VIN for the bike, and it was on private (though unoccupied) property, he couldn’t do anything but leave it where it is.”

If I had a photo of this house it would certainly warrant a Horse’s Ass Award.


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