Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

I would really like to watch the fireworks displayed on the mall this year, but i don’t want to wait around on the mall for hours and hours in order to have a nice view. I’m a little more interested in a bar that has view of the 4th of July fireworks. Any ideas? I know there are some roof top bars which are most likely stuffy, like the W, but are there any recommendations where to watch other than the mall?”

In July 2008 I wrote:

Without a doubt the best place farthest north would be at 13th and Clifton, NW by Cardozo High School. I mean this view is unbelievable everyday when there are no fireworks. You can imagine how sick it is with fireworks mixed in. I usually start off on my porch and just walk block to block. Others have written me about great local shows that can be seen at Grant and Sherman circles. However, Cardozo also has the benefit of being a stones throw from many of the great bars along U Street. So you can get some drinks along U Street first and then head up 13th, NW to Cardozo HS or vice versa.

We discussed where to take children to watch fireworks here.

And we talked about other good spots to watch last year, here.

You can see a video of what street fireworks look like in Petworth here.

So for the Friday Question of the Day: Where do you guys recommend to watch the fireworks not on the Mall? Specifically, if anyone has any favorite roof deck recommendations please mention those as well.


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