Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

My husband and I ran into a cat walking home from dinner tonight on Vermont Ave., between R and S streets. The cat was overly friendly, and skiddish when the cars drove by, and even jumped up on a guys car that was parked and walked over the hood to pop its head in the open window to get petted. It was starting to thunder and lightening, and the cat seemed scared but didn’t make a move to go anywhere. She just kept staying by us and rubbing our legs and flopping over to be petted between freezing when the thunder hit. It had a black collar on with a bronze little bell. But no name tag/contact. We think it was a little girl, she couldn’t have been more than 3 years. She was very sweet, and it was starting to thunderstorm and it was obvious she was lost. Eventually she sat in the divider in the street and hunkered down with its ears flat scared of the lightening. Now, a cat that is used to being outdoors would not have just stayed in the open during a thunderstorm, would not have been so friendly to everyone, and would have hightailed it home instead of sitting between traffic. So we took her over to the DC Animal Control on New York Avenue, and she is being held there under the name “Prudence.”

She was very sweet, and I really want to make sure her/his owner finds it as soon as possible. They were so full with cats at the animal control that cat carriers were stacked into the hallways.”


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