Washington, DC

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You can see the full map here and eventually find more info here but already some are not happy. On the Columbia Heights listserv one resident notes:

“In our whole neighborhood – and I’m including Park View, Pleasant Plains and Petworth for good measure, a huge part of residential NW – there are four stations: one at DC USA at 14th/Irving. There’s one at 11th/Monroe. There’s one at the Petworth Branch Library at Georgia/Kansas. And there’s one at Rock Creek Church/Warder.

That’s it! Nothing at Meridian Hill Park. Nothing at Howard University. Nothing on Georgia between Kansas and Florida Aves. Nothing on 14th between Irving and U Streets or 11th between Monroe and U. No station at the Washington Hospital Center, or the Banneker Pool, or the new Bruce-Monroe Park. Nothing at all in southern Columbia Heights.”

Do you think the Columbia Heights/Park View/Pleasant Plains and Petworth neighborhoods are being underserved? How ’bout the rest of the city?


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