Washington, DC

Photo by PoPville flickr user AWard Tour

“Dear PoP,

I’m moving out of the condo that I rent at the end of the month, and the building management is charging me an unreasonable (I think) amount to do it. They’re asking for $150 as a “move out fee” and $85 to cover the costs of a security guard who will supposedly guard the unlocked front doors (to the building) while the move is taking place.

The $150 fee is not for covering costs in case my furniture damages their elevator or door. They’re requiring me to give them a $750 security deposit check for damages, which they’ll return to me at the end of the move.

This is their policy — I had to pay it when I moved in as well, but it’s been several years since then, and I’ve had more time to stew over it. It also was not in my lease; my landlord only casually mentioned that there were move-in fees for the building.

So my question is — does anyone know if I’m obligated, legally or otherwise, to pay these people just to remove my belongings from their building? I feel like it’s a hostage fee!”

I think if it’s their policy and if it’s in the lease then, even though it sucks, you gotta pay it. What do you guys think? Is this an unreasonable fee?


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