Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

A couple years ago my sister and I acquired several hundred slides of a Virginia family’s cross country and European travels from the late 50’s & early 60’s (Mexico, France, Italy, Holland, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and so on) from Ruff & Ready. Some real Time Life meets National Geographic shit. One of the slides at the beginning of the cross country trip (Virginia to San Francisco via New Orleans and Mexico) shows the family car (with obligatory bug screen) and its license plate: Arlington, 1960 and the number. [License plate: Virginia 1960, A127-199; 44973, Arlington 8]

Does anyone out there know how I would go about trying to track down the family through public records or DMV? I’ve enjoyed them and thought their kids might want a family keepsake.”

Any suggestions? Seems like a long shot but it would be fantastic if they could be tracked down.


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