Interesting May Day Celebration in Columbia Heights Plaza

by Prince Of Petworth — May 2, 2010 at 9:43 pm 8 Comments

I’ve never associated the Germans with May Day before… As usual Mr. T in DC got the better picture (below) and he explains that the dancers, a troupe of Morris Dancers, are actually English:

And as usual the kids always have the right idea regardless of what’s going on behind them:

  • I’m one of those non-German Morris dancers in your photos. It was great fun to invade the Columbia Heights Square with four local teams and demonstrate the English May tradition of dancing in the Summer on May 1st. We danced for about an hour and then enjoyed lunch locally at Red Rocks Pizza. For more information, check out our website: http://www.fbmm.org

    • PT Varnum

      Saw you guys at the May Festival. Nicely done!

  • Jamie

    Well that explains it. I was on my way home from Giant on Saturday and saw a half-dozen or so of these folks walking towards downtown cohi. I thought they were leprechauns or something, it was all very surreal.

  • Beth

    My daughter is one of the kids dancing in the fountain behind the troup. She loved it and the video we caught of her dancing along is priceless. My husband pointed out that our little public square was inviting of such an event simply because of the space. So thank you to DC government for investing in such priceless space that brings great surprises and helps me to meet my neighbors.

  • Meridian PL


  • Build it (right) and they will come.

    CAPTCHA: crass weekend

  • cookietime420

    I live right down the block from here and loved seeing, uh, whatever it was that was going on. Kudos to the Morris Dancers for taking the initiative to do their thing. I love that park.

  • W Jordan

    Actually, the city fought against the fountain, but that’s another story. However, it would be helpful if DPR, DDOT and CM Graham’s office got some calls, emails and letters asking that the fountain be fixed. The water level is way low and some jets don’t seem to be working.



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