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Dear PoP – Speed Bumps Getting Removed on Clifton between 13th and 14th, NW

“Dear PoP,

I just returned home from an appointment this morning and noticed a road crew on my block that had just broken up and removed the three speed humps that were installed less than a week and a half ago. I asked them about it and they said someone on the block didn’t want them there. I can only assume that person has some sort of power that I do not. This is a residential street that is home to children, dogs, seniors and some folks that use wheelchairs, and is also next to Cardozo High School. Why would someone not want speed humps on our block? My husband and I had already noticed how much quieter the block has been and how much slower people drive. This just doesn’t make sense. What a waste of tax money not to mention the time and energy of the large work crew. Any clue what’s going on?”

Anyone care to speculate? This one stings a bit more given all the budget woes and compromises we’ve been witnessing.

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