Dear PoP – Please Warn Residents of Dangerous Dog in Columbia Heights

“Dear PoP,

I’d like people in the neighborhood to be aware for their own safety as well as help ensure the owners follow the rules:

As most of you know, my dog Luca was attacked by a rottweiler in columbia heights about a month ago. Luca is recovering well, but the dog that attacked her has been declared a dangerous dog and is still living in columbia heights. Despite that the rules for maintaining a dangerous dog are quite strict, it is ultimately up to the owners to follow them and the community to report any violations.

As a dangerous dog, the owners are required to keep the dog inside their house at all times. The dog is not allowed in the front yard nor on walks, even if it is muzzled. The dog is only allowed to leave the house for vet visits or other travel that is approved by the department of health and must be muzzled at all times during travel.

In my communications with the Department of Health, they were not wholeheartedly convinced that the owners would comply with these rules, depsite that they had gone to great lengths to obtain a dangerous dog license. So, as friends and neighbors, i’m asking you to help me spread the word. Attached are two photographs taken of Chloe, the rottweiler, additional information about maintaining a dangerous dog and contact informration for the case officer at the Department of Health. If you happen to see Chloe on a walk or even in her yard, please notify the DOH immediately.

In addition to the fact that this dog attacked with no provocation and was on a leash with its owner at the time, it was also reported to DC Animal Control for attacking a man in the neighborhood a month prior to this incident. The attack occurred during the snowstorm, so the person was wearing lots of layers and a winter jacket. He sustained severe bruising and swelling from the attack, but no serious action was taken at the time because the dog did not break skin. If this had happened during warmer weather, he would have sustained very serious injuries.

Chloe lives at Holmead Pl, NW. This is located on Holmead (between 13th and 14th ST NW) between Otis and Monroe. It is easily identified as the only house on the east side of the block with a chain-link fence.

Again, if you see Chloe in the yard or on a walk, please contact Molly Lunaris at the DOH immediately. Here is her contact info:

Molly Lunaris
Program Specialist | Animal Disease Prevention Division
DC Department of Health | Government of the District of Columbia
825 North Capitol Street, NE | Suite 8001 | Washington, DC 20002
Office: (202) 535-2508 [email protected]

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