More Chairs for Banneker Swimming Pool Please

by Prince Of Petworth April 23, 2010 at 4:30 pm 12 Comments

I know we talk about more serious issues than this but indulge me this once. I’m a huge fan of the Banneker Swimming Pool located at the 2800 block of Georgia Ave, NW. It’s come to my attention that there is a new Facebook group that is trying to get some more chairs for the pool. I think that’d be great. Not sure how much it’ll help but it can’t hurt to sign on.

And on that note, have a great weekend!

  • cookietime420

    Thanks for the tip. This is indeed a great pool but it could REALLY use at least one lane for lap swimming.

  • Matt DeGroot

    This pool is the epitomy of summer in DC for me. I have spent countless days on that cement and while I still love it in all of its glamour – I can’t wait to have more chairs!

  • dcjay

    Is it ever not busy enough so that one could actually swim laps there? Or is it always a kind of free-for-all?

  • wdc

    same problem at East Potomac Park/Hains Point. Almost no chairs whatsoever.

  • Anymouse

    Uh, bring your own pool chair?

  • Really? In a city with a multi-million dollar budget shortfall that already doesn’t charge residents to use the public pools?

    We’re glad we can walk to a public pool and we bring our own chairs.

  • sb

    maybe the 82 members of the FB group could work together to plan a fundraiser for more chairs…just asking the city to spend money for what is clearly a luxury isn’t very effective.

  • When my kids were small, we used to go to Jelleff’s in G’Town for soccer camp and other activities. There’s a pool there. I once sat on one of the lounge chairs there by the pool. Until a lady told me to get off it, that it was hers, she had brought it to the pool. They didn’t have any chairs so people had to bring their own. I remember that and was quite surprised.

  • undisclosed donor

    Bring your own chair. The DC gov in OVER BUDGET, laying off teachers, and unable to pay the bills. Chairs at the pool are unnecessary.

  • Totally agree, I have purposefully bought a chair and gotten a nice old blanket just to go to the pool. Fighting for a chair at the pool is just not worthy it. Bring your own!

  • No Way

    Why are you people talking yourselves into deprivation? Sitting around the pool reading a magazine is the second best part. The pool at Upshur has fantastic chairs that came from the Hilton pool, which is being remodeled as part of the hotel expansion. What we need is to talk the Washington Plaza or some such place into to donating their dated chairs. And the fund raiser is a good idea, we don’t have to go all-new.

  • BB

    New Columbia Heights reports new chairs are coming!


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