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  • the gup

    this place is terrible. if you like food that looks and smells like indian food but tastes like rubber, then this is your spot.

    if you want great indian food, go to (in order):

    1. heritage (dupont)
    2) white tiger
    3. Indique (Clev park)

    polo and the place next to the big hunt that is NOT Heritage are by far the WORST indian joints in the city.

  • sherman

    Agreed. The food here is pretty bad. I quite enjoy Indian food and I quite like this part of town, so I’ve come a few times hoping for reasonable food. It never works out and I always leave disappointed. Heritage is the way to go. (Taj Mahal isn’t amazing either, but definitely better than Polo).

  • justbreathe226

    I think Indique is decent.. I don’t have much experience with authentic indian food so I am not sure about the authentic-ness of it but I think the food is tasty.

    White Tiger serves beef and I think thats a bit odd.

  • Anonymous

    Go to Udupi Palace in Langley Park. They have good authentic South Indian Food.

    Tandoori Nights is another one, I have not been there but I have heard great things about it from everyone who has. It is in Arlington and somewhere in Montgomery County.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, bad flash back to a bad date in the Clinton years. Thanks POP. I had forgotten about that place and about that guy!!

  • Been to Polo India Club a couple of times. The food is perfectly fine. Not the best Indian food I have ever had but perfectly fine if you find yourself in DuPont and want Indian food.
    If I were headed out for Indian anywhere in DC my first choice would be Heritage (the Wisconsin Ave. location). Indique is a very close second. I don’t see Polo India as competing with either of these places but that’s not a bad thing. By the same token, Rasika is on a whole different level than either Heritage or Indique.

    • So Rasika is too good for you. Is is okay if we go? I promise to dress up. Or down, depending on just where that “whole different level” lies.

      • jt$

        What’s with the attitude?

  • math girl

    This place is not terrible. I find it to be quite yummy and I enjoy getting take out from here (they deliver). The prices are very cheap for Indian food and I prefer their malai kafta to Heritage’s.

    I wouldn’t say it is the best Indian food I have had in DC but it is pretty good spot and one I frequent.

  • I’d have to vote for Tandoori Nights (I’ve only been to the one in Arlington)

    Cool atmosphere, good/flavour full food, at a reasonable price.

    Udupi Palace look pretty legit, you dont see many south indian restaurants. And that’s shame, because south indian food is equally, if not more, amazing. (Don’t tell my north indian family I said that!)

  • Anonymous


  • Gemini

    Terrible! Go to Heritage India instead.

  • ktw

    We tried to check this place out, and left after waiting for over an hour after we ordered because NOTHING had shown up – not even for the tables around us that sat down before us. Never been back and have no intention. Too many other good places in the city.


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