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Good Deal or Not? Awesome Carriage House Edition (Reader Submitted)

by Prince Of Petworth April 26, 2010 at 1:00 pm 44 Comments

This carriage house is located at 210 10th Street, SE:

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The flier says:

“Seductive, secluded, surrounded, surreal. .. yep all those are usuable. The garish baths are elaborate, sensual & not your usual shower baths, the stairs have bronze railings, Catwaba stone wall the surrounds and stairs. .. Venetian Crystal, handwrought palladium doorways. .. for one or two persons or more intimately.”

You can find more info here and an amazing virtual tour here.

The reader writes:

“ok, here is a completely insane carriage house. I looked at the virtual tour and cannot believe this place is for real. They certainly didn’t do the usual “staging” to make the place bland enough for potential buyers to see themselves in it.”

This virtual tour left me speechless. I’ve been doing these ‘Good Deal or Not?’ posts for a while, but this one really blew me away. Parts of it are definitely a bit insane. Thanks again to the reader for sending it in. It’s yours for $400,000. How long do you think it’ll last and what’s your favorite part of the house?

  • andy(2)

    I want to know what they spent on tile and stone. They shoudl have spent it on a full size fridge, real stove and a dishwasher. This could be really cool but $400K for a gut job is a bit steep.
    It looks like and HGTV makeover show gone horribly wrong.

  • Matt

    This house is great.

    How nice to see that they were able to salvage the traditional carriage house cupola…

  • mmm

    Haha, woah! Cool house, but I have a hard time imagining many buyers willing to pay a premium for Marilyn Monroe moulding. Hilarious.

    • idea

      NEW RULE: If you install Marilyn Monroe moulding, you or your heirs must hold the house until your mortgage expires.

  • I love the structure, but that is by far the tackiest place I have seen in years.

  • anon

    what a waste of money on those tacky finishes. no outdoor space. no parking. this is just an awkward alley condo. I would have added a roofdeck on this puppy instead off all the stone work.

  • Geezer

    What a fantastic starter home for a young family!

  • Jamie

    “$400K for a gut job is a bit steep.”

    There’s no accounting for taste, but that is clearly not a gut job.

    Anyway, while I wouldn’t have done exactly the same thing (especially formstone on the inside of the entryway? err…) I like it a lot more than the usual bland renovations that you see these days.

    Now whether or not $400K for a “unique” (e.g., really odd) one-bedroom carriage house that you enter from the alley (presumably, having no yard) is a good deal is another question. I would say, given it’s good location, someone will like it.

  • Anonymous

    Kind of reminds me of an Olive Garden.

    • PW neighbor


  • Krssy

    Umm… wow!?!

  • Anonymous

    What a scream. I love it no end!
    Now that’s a statement.
    From an investment point of view who cares. This is a gem for someone who appreciates it and that’s all.
    I have to give this person credit for having the guts to do something different.

  • Zone 2

    Egads! Hate. Hatey hate McHater hate. I agree with poster 1, gut job all the way.

    • Anonymous

      So what you’re saying is that you really don’t like it.

  • MK

    Adore the exterior brick but the interior and door/windows make me gag. Shame, it’s cute.

  • Anonymous

    no parking, alley, cars honking, drug dealers, drooping wires .. cool cupola though. agree with poster who’d have spent money on a roof deck instead. i vote \no\

    • Anon

      Cap Hill alleys are incredibly quiet. Much more so than even low traffic streets. And absolutely no one honks their horn in their own alley, which tends to piss off their immediate neighbors. The only entering vehicles are driven by residents, weekly trash trucks, and the occasional cars seeking to bypass traffic. There haven’t been drug dealers in this neck of the woods since maybe the early 90s.

      The house is a little much. There must be someone into this, but that isn’t me.

  • Caroline

    My partner and I have been looking for a house to buy in that area, and I think this is a great deal. The lots alone are worth around $300k, or more if they’re close to the Eastern Market station like this one is. We looked at a carriage house about 9 months ago, and as I recall it was somewhere in the $500-600’s. I agree that the decorating choices are unfortunate, but for a young single person who wants to live on the Hill and doesn’t want to live in a condo this would be an affordable option.

    • JS

      In what world is 400k affordable for a “young single person?”

      • Caroline

        I guess it depends on your definition of young, but there are a lot of 25-35 year-old professionals in DC that could afford this (admittedly it would be a stretch for me, but I’m on the lower end of that range). Most houses that are in a fairly safe neighborhood and near a metro are well over half a million, so most young people settle on a condo that ends up costing nearly as much as this house.

  • Anonymous

    would make a great house for a gay priest.

    • Anonymous

      Bless you.

    • Anonymous

      Is there another kind of priest?

    • Caroline

      I was going to say that only a gay man could be responsible for this.

      • Kev29

        What??? If you’re going to stereotype, at least give the gays more credit for their design taste. That house looks like it was made by and for a Puerto Rican gnome.

        • Caroline

          Please tell me, then, what woman or straight man would have Marilyn Monroe molding. Don’t get me wrong, some gay men have truly exceptional taste and design skills, but many others lack the skills while still having the ambition, and that’s why atrocities like this come to be.

  • Christopher

    This was Liberace’s Washington DC apartment.

  • NAB

    Hilarious! This post is a PoP classic.

  • DC_Chica

    My mother would LOVE the bathroom – I think I’m going to forward her a pic so she can get ideas for the house she’s building ;)

  • My wife and I were hopping this place would end up on GDoN. Wow. What choices. I think the most baffling is the mini-fridge. There is room for a full size fridge. But I guess when you have to choose between Marilyn Monroe and a refrigerator, an inability to actually keep things frozen wins out.

    • Oh I thought that was a dishwasher… This place makes no sense. But thanks for the entertainment!

  • cahbf

    My god, the MM molding is maybe the best thing I have ever seen. Love it, love that they just did what they wanted. I wouldn’t buy it but I think it’s really cool.

  • ET

    There are some things in this that are shall we say, over the top….

    • There are some thing in this that are, shall we say, restrained…

  • Caroline

    I guess it depends on your definition of young, but there are a lot of 25-35 year-old professionals in DC that could afford this (admittedly it would be a stretch for me, but I’m on the lower end of that range). Most houses that are in a fairly safe neighborhood and near a metro are well over half a million, so most young people settle on a condo that ends up costing nearly as much as this house.

    • Caroline

      Oops, meant to post this in response to someone above.

  • Sully

    What? Did they transform the pantry into a bedroom? Not 400, maybe 350.

  • Florista

    The bathroom choices are heinous. As is the MM moulding. And why is the kitchen so honking big when the bedroom can only accommodate a twin? (Not to mention it’s right off the kitchen, smelly.) I would have to yank a bunch of stuff out of that place, seriously. Leave the cupola.

  • JMW

    So is this from one of the owners of Bucca di Beppo? I bet there is a Pope bedroom that isnt in the virtual tour.

  • Anon

    I don’t see what’s wrong with personalizing one’s home while living in it, but this can limit the appeal to potential buyers. If the sellers were serious they’d tone it down a bit rather than treating it like a personal design showpiece.

  • Redhead

    Seriously – that’s what the flier says? Who wrote the flier? Someone who thinks this is a big joke?

  • Betternot

    You are not the buyer they are looking for. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  • Betternot

    Bless me father for I have committed sins against home decorating…thank you sir may I have another!

  • near northeasterner

    when i opened the tour, i thought it couldn’t possibly match your lead in…oh boy. this post and the responses totally made my day! thank you PoP!


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