Washington, DC

“Dear PoP,

The residents of 13th street between Girard and Harvard just got a letter from the City saying that they are planning on building a 5-story high residential building…they reference “affordable housing”…where the parking lot of the Carlos Rosario school is. They have to re-zone to do so, as it is currently zoned for homes no higher than 3 stories, etc. It hasn’t yet been cleared by the zoning board…but since the city is behind it, it likely will. I’m not exactly sure this neighborhood needs more high rise affordable housing complexes…”

The letter says:

“The public benefits and amenities of the project include, among other things, senior housing, affordable housing, expanded programs of the Carlos Rosario School, which focuses on adult eduction for the immigrant population of the city.

You can read the full letter here – Notice of Intent to File a Zoning Application 4-6.

If movement occurs on this lot – do you think senior and affordable housing would be a good fit?


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