• anon

    was the old clothing store called “lifestyles usa” by any chance? I heard this was coming to DC a year ago. I guess they have been slow to get it going. I’ve been to the one in NYC. it will be a welcome addition.

    • ah

      Yeah, there’s a pretty good chance it has the name that’s clearly printed on the awning that’s in the picture, as well as above the door 😉

      • Prince Of Petworth

        Hahaha. Oops, I can’t believe I missed that.

  • druskini

    Did somebody say BBQ

  • ah
  • Yet another chain in Penn Quarter. Oh well, I’ll take it!!

    • ro

      What else do you expect with rents as high as they are down there. There is an extremely small pool of first-time business owners who have the capital to secure a storefront in that neighborhood. It is what it is. Unless rents unexpectedly drop 50%, chain restaurants/stores are the future for Penn Quarter.

    • Eric

      How the hell is this a “chain?

  • Anonymous

    My excitement level is through the roof on this. This place has a huge capacity. As long as the prices aren’t too high I’m there, often.

  • Josh

    I bet this is the same Hill Country BBQ that is in NYC. Good BBQ and good music (if it is the same place).

  • cardozomite

    I grew up in the Texas Hill Country, so I can only hope that this place will be half as good as the BBQ back home (the website sounds like they go about it the right way).

    Chain or not, best part is that THEY SERVE BLUE BELL ICE CREAM! FTMFW!

  • tj

    I can’t believe they don’t serve Shiner. This is an outrage.

    • Anonymous

      is that the only texan beer?austin gill around the corner has it.

    • Cardozomite

      I was pretty dumbfounded when I didn’t see shiner on the menu…

    • tj

      Another Texan from work emailed the COO about this. The COO responded that they’ll have Shiner on tap! Woohoo!

      Apparently Shiner isn’t distributed in NY, that’s why it isn’t on the website menu.

      And no, Shiner isn’t the only Texan beer, but it is one of the few that is widely distributed.

  • xx

    I LOVE this place! They have a location in NY. I hope the DC location is just as good.

  • Anonymous

    i peered through the window this weekend.
    looks like maybe they’re digging out the basement. adding an elevator.
    the building permit says 10 floors, so i guess they’re adding to it.

    i do wish we had more locals with the balls, cash, and ideas to open up their own places, instead of importing our cultures prepackaged from elsewhere. and its sad to me to see business that had to move because of this, when there are plenty of empty storefronts in this neighborhood. even just across the street.

    still, its good to see the building being fixed up. i always feared falling through the stairs as i went up to touchstone gallery. and if people are excited about hill country and it brings a little more love to downtown, that’s cool.

  • Anonny

    cardozomite: Yer better off smoking yer own ribs and meat in the back yard. BBQ here is a joke. You can’t even buy a decent brisket at any butchers ’cause they cut off the fat cap! What folks is DC know about BBQ is ZERO.

  • dcdude

    Oh man. Count me as officially excited. I remember reading articles last year saying that they were aiming for a July 2010 opening. Does anyone know if that’s still the goal?

  • I like how one other location now constitutes a chain.

    Personally, I’m pretty excited that there will be somewhere to get a Lone Star and brisket (or really any bbq that’s both beef not soaked with soupy Carolina-style sauce). Throw in Kreuz sausage and a whole lot of my I’m-not-from-Texas-but-sometimes-wish-that-I-were dreams come true. The one thing I didn’t see on the NYC menu was Dublin Dr. Pepper… crossing my fingers that’ll be a difference between the NY and DC outposts.

    • that should read… “both beef AND not soaked with soupy Carolina-style sauce.”


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