• Bryan

    It’s a little subtle…

  • ShawRes


    • Joe


  • does it move or anything? it looks kinda scary.

  • Petworthian

    Come, sit down, so Megatron may lift you into the vortex grinder

    • Mal

      If this were a caption contest, you would totally win! Hilarious!

  • ewwwww

    totally heinous, dude. and i mean that literally.

    captcha= government panther

  • its the legendary Frat-A-Pult!
    you sent drunk frat boys on that little seat thing and it hurls them back into virginia. or just into the river.

  • eh, it’s american/urban public art which means it’s doomed to inspire hatred or indifference in most people. You can’t win.

    • Richard

      Hey, mediocre artists need commissions too.

    • M

      If you want inspiration for thought-provoking urban art, visit Portland (Oregon) or even Philadelphia; there are complementary pieces scattered throughout both those cities. Washington (DC) is a political and cultural mecca; what does this sculpture bring to the city, or even the community? The abstract quality of “lift off”? I see nothing “kinetic” about the piece (please note, there is 0 movement and no chance for interaction with the form, unless you sit on it), and I am hard pressed to envision a child flying a kite from a multi-ton sculpture using 4 stylized beam supports.

      Mr. Black’s other public sculptures (http://www.davidblacksculpture.com/PublicSculpture.html) offer a better sense of movement and vibrancy; unfortunately I am of the opinion that “lift off” fell flat.

  • cookietime420

    It’s fine. I’m not in love with it. Perhaps I will be one day but at least it’s something different that breaks up the usual flow of blocky buildings. The material and structure is suitable, evoking the metal and brick neighborhood that it’s in. I’d like to see more public sculptures.

  • victoria

    Still needs swings.

  • Disappointing. I would like to know more about the parameters the competing artists had to follow, and who the artist is – hear his explanation of the creation.

  • M

    hideous waste of public funds. for what was paid for that hunk of metal, you’d think we’d at least have a nice gradient paint job, or maybe a mesmerizing geometric pattern. instead we (I live in the neighborhood) have a giant ugly yellow obstruction.

    then again, i don’t particularly like bb&p, but damn if that sculpture was NOT worth the money paid.

  • Does it have to be so yellow???

    • Bryan

      Don’t worry, it’ll rust.

  • jamison

    it is a bit gaudy isn’t it?

    captcha: spaceman sewingmachine

  • victoria
    • Don

      The DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities strikes again! I swear, they’re little more than a subsidy program for really bad ideas.

  • DeepDarkDiamond

    I don’t particularly care for it to look at it (and i think the better view where you actually sort of “get” the liftoff part is looking at it from the corner of 5th and I – not these two particular views….. BUT for some reason I really enjoy walking under it. When I walk by I just can’t walk around it or by it – I have to walk under it – and for some reason I really enjoy that.

  • Pennyworth

    smh yeh i dont like it

  • KStreetQB

    That thing has got to go.


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