WashPost: Report finds Barry benefited from contract for ex

by Prince Of Petworth February 16, 2010 at 12:15 pm 17 Comments

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From an email:

D.C. Council Member Marion Barry personally benefited from a contract he obtained for his former girlfriend and directed earmarks that “provided substantial financial benefits to some of his close friends and supporters,” according to a report by Washington attorney Robert S. Bennett.

In the report, Bennett stated that Barry (D-Ward 8) violated “D.C. law, council rules and policies and procedures” and recommends his findings be referred to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for possible criminal charges.

D.C. Wire reports that in July, after news surfaced that Barry had given Donna Watts-Brighthaupt a city contract, the council tasked Bennett with his investigation the matter and review the council process for distributing earmarks.

Read more on this developing story here: http://voices.washingtonpost.com/local-breaking-news/report-finds-barry-engaged-in.html.

  • Thor

    for how long our tax dollars will be to these corrupt politicians?

  • MK

    Why does anyone bother printing crap about this a$$wipe? If they didn’t beat him down for sticking coke up his nose do you really think this is going to matter?

  • Ragged Dog

    I’m more pissed that everyone on the City Council knew this was going on and no one said anything. Apparently it wasn’t only Barry who was doing this. I kind of expect my Council Member to call BS on the other council members who are doing this crap…unless s/he was involved as well. Otherwise it’s just a den of thieves protecting one another. It also makes me wonder where everyone’s full to the brim reelection coffers came from.

  • Anonymous

    Bitch set me up!

  • It’s hard to work up any outrage over this–all this does is guarantee his inexplicable reelection once again. He’s Teflon in Ward 8.

    • Ragged Dog

      He’s the only person actively trying to protect them and the “DC Way of Life”.

  • Anonymous

    Filed under: “Unsurprising.”

  • I have gone to meetings in Ward 8 where he is a speaker, and folks seem awestruck by him? Why I don’t know, he tends to rattle on and on, going off on different tangents, etc.

    It is painful to hear him give a speech.

  • NAB

    What really sucks about this is he takes all the heat and runs interference when what we’ve heard today suggests that other CMs are abusing funds as well. What should be a wider story gets dumbed down to yet another “Barry is corrupt” headline, which is pretty “zzz..” at this point

  • To my knowledge he has never been convicted of bribery or the like and clearly he has not lined his own pockets as his lifestyle is quite modest (He takes food home from functions and his apartment is far from spectacular). Drug user – yes. Guilty of cronyism, likely. My understanding is they have been trying to catch him on corruption charges for years w/ many a man hour & large sums spent on investigations. The best they can do – catch a sick, twice divorced old guy trying to get laid by tossing a lady friend a contract for a few grand, meanwhile in recent years DC has missed multi-million dollar frauds.

    • Anonymous

      The graft he’s taken over the years lined his nose, not his pocket.

      • I am no fan of Mr. Barry’s politics. I recognize his faults but show me where he has stolen money. Ineffective leadership, drug use are a given. If there was evidence of him stealing they would have found it. There are bigger “crooks” in DC.

        • Tmoney

          Uhhh…there is evidence of him stealing. He would write extra large checks to his prostitute/”city contractor” and then force her to cash them and give him part of the money.

          Its all in the Bennett report. Its just that its small fries compared to the many millions of misappropriated money, and thus is not in the headlines.

          “But even more shocking were findings that Barry had been in the habit of giving checks from the city to Watts-Brighthaupt, who was employed by Barry as a city contractor at the time, and then asking her to cash them and give him some of the money. The implication was that not only had Barry improperly hired his girlfriend to do questionable work, but Barry himself had received kickbacks thanks to the arrangement.”

          “Bennett also accused Barry of failing to cooperate fully with his investigation and in fact trying to impede it. Bennett said that on at least four occasions Barry attempted to intimidate Watts-Brighthaupt and convince her not to provide accurate testimony.”



          So yes he has stolen money.

  • Chris Matthews

    Why don’t you people leave Marion Barry alone, you have effectively taken back the city, now you want to whiten the city council. Dam WPs

    • DF

      If you mean “we” as in responsible, progressive, job-creating, gentrifying people, then that’s right we’ve taken back the city. Time to take out the trash!


    I wish Marion Barry would just disappear or go lay down in a cemetery permanently.

    • Anonymous

      Can someone tell me which car is his outside the Wilson Building so I can be sure to spit on it whenever I walk by?


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