• Ouch – we have a giant tree outside our house scheduled for removal by the county and we are praying it doesnt do an Allison Street….

  • KStreetQB

    Holy smokes! My trees are little, but even they are looking like they’re ready to call it quits.

  • Anon

    that made me vomit in my mouth….. please trees on my street, stay strong!

    • ah

      FWIW, that tree looks way too big for the tree box/space. Look at the roots? It’s like 8′ x 6′. I’m sure some grew under the pavement and under the adjacent property, but that’s just not enough soil to support a tree of that size.

  • That’s huge! I’m sure you’ve heard about the one on 18th & Q or thereabouts? It was on top of two cars, but not blocking much traffic, at least.

    Snow is bad enough… Falling trees, worse. I hope they can get that cleared before Monday…!

  • ah

    Yeah, but if those greedy SOBs hadn’t saved that space, maybe the car under the tree would have parked there instead.

  • Petworthian

    Argh! We have three enormous oaks around us, including one dead one. Gulp.

  • Anonymous

    I thought all power lines in DC were underground…but I could be mistaken. It might just be in Capitol Hill.

    • Eric in Ledroit

      areas that are predominantly single family detached houses (brookland, forest hills, 16th street heights, etc) have above-ground electrical.

  • Just J

    wow. My childhood home was right in front of where that tree originally stood. If it fell the other way it could have easily destroyed that house. I hope everyone is ok.

  • Dittle

    Whoa! That is scary. We have a lovely tree in front of our house, but lately I have been giving it the stink-eye. I am terrified it is going to fall on the house.


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